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Edirol F-1 Video Field Recorder

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Quick Overview

The EDIROL F-1 provides reliable, high quality capture of both video and audio when you need it most: out in the field where every shot counts.The "Field Oriented" design concept of this Rec...

The EDIROL F-1 provides reliable, high quality capture of both video and audio when you need it most: out in the field where every shot counts.

The "Field Oriented" design concept of this Recorder will streamline your video production workflow.

Being "Field Oriented" is at the heart of the EDIROL F-1 design. Features like a shock-resistant floating HDD, two channels of additional audio inputs, multiple power supply options, remote control via LAN, on-site review of clips, unlimited file size, and a number of additional innovative functions will streamline your recording and post-production activities.

The EDIROL F-1 is the ideal addition for any videographer or producer wanting to accelerate their workflow by capturing HDV or DV directly to a hard drive in the field. With two additional audio inputs, no file size limitation, removable hard drive and multiple power options, the F-1 can be used anywhere and in a variety of applications.

High-Capacity HDV/DV capture simplifies and accelerates your workflow

The i.LINK connection to your camera provides easy capture of HDV or DV. Begin editing immediately directly off the HDD or enjoy smooth and speedy transfer of recorded data to your NLE system. Continue to use the camera's tape mechanism as an affordable/compact backup media.

Removable HDD provides hours of recording in the field

A removable hard drive is the recording media inside the F-1. Remove the full drive and editing or transfer can begin immediately by simply connecting it to your computer via bus-powered USB. Additional drives (F1-HD120) can be purchased for continued recording while other drives are in use elsewhere.

Seamless Recording up to full HDD Capacity

The NTFS file format allows recording up to the maximum disk capacity without a file limitation of 2GB or 4GB. You can record up to 9 straight hours with the 120GB HDD.

Worry-Free Recording with Shock-Resistant Floating HDD

To protect the disk from the inevitable rigors of field use, the F-1's removable hard drive employs full floating HDD mount architecture with shock absorbent rubber that effectively dampens vibrations and shocks. Enjoy worry-free recording in locations where loud & heavy PA sounds or shocks from rough road surfaces might otherwise present capture problems.

Two Independent Audio Channels of Hi-Quality Linear PCM

The F-1 is equipped with two independent analog audio inputs. This enables simultaneous recording of stereo audio from an audio mixer/console or two microphones. On-mic recording of a reporter or interviewer is possible without having to use an external mixer/recorder. Alternatively, you can use the two additional channels to capture ambient sounds at your shoot or put a mic on yourself and record real-time commentary on material as it is being shot. The F-1 records its audio inputs in linear PCM broadcast WAV (BWF) at 16-bit/48kHz, so you can be assured of high quality sound capture.

Phantom Power Supply

The F-1's built-in phantom power supply for sensitive condenser mics provides further improvement of your audio tracks.

Three Types of Power Supply Options

The F-1 can be operated with 3 types of power: AC adaptor, external battery and AA batteries. The AA battery power pack supplies seamless failover of power in the event your external battery or AC supply should weaken or fail.

Thumbnail Display on External Monitor

Recorded clips can be shown as thumbnails on an external computer monitor using the 15-pin D-Sub output jack of the F-1. This enables last minute previewing to prevent "missed-shots" without the need to connect to a computer. Additionally you can control, setup and view the status on the same display. A mouse port for intuitive and quick control is provided via the front USB port.

Quick Backup of Recorded Data to USB Devices

The F-1's USB port provides on-site connection to USB devices like flash memory or external hard drives for quick backups. Copy time is shorter than real-time, offering speedy transfers of recorded data to your editing suite.

Recorded Data can be copied via LAN

The F-1's LAN port provides an Ethernet connection to your home or office network. The data in the F-1's HDD can be copied over the network to multiple computers with simplicity and ease.

Remote Control via LAN enables Multi-Camera Shoots with Minimal Staff

A PC installed with the dedicated control software* can remotely control the record Start/Stop functions as well as the menu settings of an F-1 in a remote location. You can run an Ethernet cable (up to 100 meters and 200 meters when using a hub) and control multiple F-1 units from your computer. Operators can now control multi-camera shoots with minimal staff and in remote locations.

Free and Convenient F-1 Utility Software

Free downloadable software with 2 modes for quick clip preview and cutting.

Main Features:

  • HDV and DV capture
  • Additional 2 channels of balanced audio
  • Removable HDD
  • No file size limitation
  • Multiple power options
  • RGB output for quick control and thumbnail view
  • Network ability (control multiple units and file transfer)
  • Utility software for previewing, file management and basic editing