On July 7, jrrshop.com crashed. This was caused by the huge increase in traffic that came along with the launch of Presonus Studio One 5. The site was not hacked and there was no security breach, please rest assured knowing that your personal information is safe. jrrshop.com does not store credit card numbers, they are sent directly to the credit card processing companies and are never entered in to our site.

Unfortunately, the connection to the database was corrupted and a series of mistakes made in the attempted recovery of the database caused us to have to rebuild it from a very old backup. We have restored most customer accounts and products but are still in the process of restoring old orders. If you need us to restore the download links in your account sooner, please contact us and we will add them to your account immediately.

If you are experiencing difficulty logging in to your account, please reset your password here. We apologize for this inconvenience and are offering all customers a special 20% discount on a single software product (some exclusions apply). Please use coupon code “NewPassword” on the checkout page.