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Gospel Musicians MKSensation MKS-20 Digital Piano Library

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Gospel Musicians MKSensation Digital Piano Library for Kontakt 5 FREE Player

The MKS-20 Digital Piano module is one of the most revered electric and digital piano modules ever made. The MKS-20 used a technology called SAS (Structured / Adaptive Synthesis) which was designed to emulate a real piano with a ton expressiveness per velocity. This was Roland's answer to a piano and EP that didn't require samples to produce the sound. As a result, this module is revered in gospel circles and still used today. They still go for $250 on eBay. The best thing about the library is that you can mix and layer sounds as you wish, which is completely impossible on the module. 

Now imagine adding some of the most sought after "old school" EP's to be able to layer with the MKS-20. Imagine the Dyno of the o1w, the Power Grand, the EP's of the TX816, Synth Brass, synths, strings, and pads to go along with it--All of which can be layered and mixed as desired. 

This library is designed as the all purpose performance digital piano library that you can load up and use on every gig or studio session. 

BONUS: We used the original MKS's chorus for EP1 and EP2 for that phat sound you from the actual module.


The MKS-20 Digital Piano is considered to many synth enthusiast as one of the most expressive sounding digital piano modules every made. This is because the sounds were not produced using traditional sampling methods. The MKS-20 is actually an analogue synthesizer which derives is percussive piano and EP sounds from a technology Roland® created called SAS (Structured-Adaptive-Synthesis). It is said that this technology was developed to emulate piano and electric piano sounds that were very expressive and not as static as the current sample libraries of that time. And we have to say Roland® nailed it! 

The MKS-20 piano module contains some of the best sounding EPs and pianos ever and it’s not because of the expression. Sometimes expression is better than tone. What we mean by that is, that even though the EPs and pianos don’t sound like the real things, they have an expressiveness and a bite to them that cuts through the mix and carves out it’s own space. 

The chorus on this unit is also special, because inside of the module are old school-analogue sounding components that makes for a warm and rich effects chain that makes the EPs 1 and 2 sound amazing.

Tech Specs

Sample Size

23GB (4.5GB Compressed)

Velocity Layers of MKS-20 Sounds

•EP 1: 16-Layers (w/ Chorus from MKS-20 Module)
•EP 2: 16-Layers (w/ Chorus from MKS-20 Module)
•Vibraphone: 6-Layers (w/ Chorus from MKS-20 Module)
•Harpsichord: 6-Layers
•Piano 1: 12-Layers
•Piano 2: 12-Layers
•Piano 3: 6-Layers
•Clavi: 6-Layers 

Velocity Layers of Additional Sounds:

•o1W Dyno (Emulation): 12-Layers
•S-700 Acoustic Piano (Emulation) : 3-Layers
•Bells: 1-Layer
•Synth: 1-Layer
•Brass: 1-Layer
•Warm Pad: 1-Layer
•Strings: 1-Layer
•TX816 EP: 12-Layers