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Hercules DJ Control MP3 E2

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Quick Overview

 2 decks to mix 2 music tracksMix 2 music tracks with DJ Control MP3 e2’s controls:-2 jog wheels to navigate within tracks-cross fader and 2 volume faders to mix 2 tracks Simpl...

 2 decks to mix 2 music tracks

Mix 2 music tracks with DJ Control MP3 e2’s controls:

-2 jog wheels to navigate within tracks

-cross fader and 2 volume faders to mix 2 tracks


Simplify DJing operations

User-friendly automations for beginners:

-Cue point suggested by the DJ software in audio file analysis

-Synchronization with 1 push of a button if you cannot manually adjust the pitch

-Automatic loops on 1, 2 or 4 beats


Easily make your mark on music files

-Equalize music to produce big sound

-Alter your music files with your own effects

-Save your mixes as your own music files


Perfect for mobile use

-Compact DJ control surface

-Included cover: carry DJ Control MP3 e2 as easily as a laptop



For Beginners and casual DJs




USB-powered DJ controller:

-2 vinyl-style jog wheels

-3 faders

-6 equalization knobs

-2 pitch knobs

-1 stick & multiple buttons

Installation CD:

-Windows & Mac drivers

-Virtual DJ DJC Edition PC/Mac


Technical Specifications

2-deck controller

-Mix 2 tracks with 1 controller



-Light & smaller than a laptop

-USB-bus powered: no extra power supply needed

-Includes a protective cover for transport


No mouse required

-4 buttons to browse through lists

-2 buttons to load tracks


Tailored for DJing

-2 jog wheels to navigate within tracks, speed playback up/down, or apply effects

-1 cross fader + 2 volume faders

-3 level equalization per deck


What’s new?

-Compared to DJ Control MP3:

-New shape: slimmer, wider

-Larger, more precise jog wheels

-4 navigation buttons

-More space between the cross fader and the jog wheels

-Solid buttons for worry-free transportation

-Most buttons are backlit


DJ mix software

VIRTUAL DJ 3 DJC Edition included

-For PC (XP/Vista)

-For Mac OS® 10.4 & 10.5