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Hexachords Orb Composer Artist

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Quick Overview

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The First Artificial Intelligence For Composers

The firstArtificial Intelligencefor composers

Orb is the name of the most accomplished music composition Artificial Intelligence in the world. It is designed for composers, bands, orchestrators or simply everyone fond of music.


What are key features

Music templates

Music templates

We propose 6 «basic» music templates to help you pre-select a musical environment: Orchestral, Strings, Piano, Electro, Pop-Rock and Ambient.


Own music structure

Own music structure

Structure your song as you want! You can add as many block and bar items as you wish, it’s fast and easy!


Chord Progressions

Chord Progressions

With the chord diagram you can drag-and-drop all different chords, from simple to complex ones, and create your own harmony.


Instruments Combinations

Instrument Combinations

Choose the instruments you want to use for your composition, and for each instrument fine tune settings easily.


Import melodies (MIDI)

Import melodies (MIDI)

Import your melodies and use Orb to create your own musical arrangement or orchestration.



Full Compatibility (VSTi, AAX, DAW)

Use your favorite sequencers and sound machines to exploit the full sound potential of Orb composition


Create your composition in 5 steps

Creating music with Orb Composer is easy and fast, but gives you full control over the music as well.


1 step

Add your block items

The block items represent the main music segments of your music: intro, themes, transitions, etc… all the main parts of your music are fully controllable.

2 step

Define your bar items

For each music block, pick a bar item, representing the block’s structure with the music phrases and the bars symmetry. It can be set very easily in order to create complex or simple music structures.

3 step

Set your chords

The chord block let to input all the chords you need to define the global harmony of your music. It’s fully customizable.

4 step

Choose your instruments

You have a large instrument library, that let you experiment instruments mixes with simple drag and drops.

5 step

Let the magic happen

Orb Composer can create smart clips based on your curves, chords, time signature inputs, including clips settings.


Create bar items

Create your bar items structure, either simple of complex


Draw curves

Draw intensity and momentum curves and precompose music mockups easily


Fine tune

Fine tune every musical parameter


Chord Progressions

Experiment with as many chord progressions as you like


Orb Composer connects itself to your DAW

Orb Composer fits perfectly into your music working environment. Whether it’s a home studio or a professional one.

Orb Composer synchronizes itself with any popular DAW : Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools, Reaper, Live and Studio One.
Orb Composer works with all pro versions of them.
(see FAQ for accurate DAW compatibility)

By rooting MIDI notes to your DAW,  Orb Composer plays your compositions live. The notes created inside Orb Composer are directly sent to your own virtual instruments or hardware synths loaded inside your DAW.

Listen to the tracks in real time through your favorite DAW and adjust all the music parameters live. A complete mapping tool is provided to sync all instruments and articulations within your DAW.


How it works


Operating systems

Mac OS

Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan 64 bits

or higher



Windows 7 x64, Windows 8 x64, Windows 8.1 x64, Windows 10 x64


Minimum System Requirements


2.4 GHz Intel or AMD multi-core processor

At least Intel i5 or AMD A10 APU recommended



1 GB

32 GB RAM recommended (required for your VST instruments loaded in your DAW)


Graphics card

Onboard (minimum resolution 1280 x 768)

1920 x 1080 recommended


Sound card


ASIO compatible hardware is recommended


Hard drive space

2 GB (for program installation)


Optical drive

CD/DVD drive

Only required for installation of the box version



Connection required for downloads and activation

Not applicable to the box version


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