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IK Multimedia T-Racks Tape Machine A80

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Analog tape machine emulation plug-in based on the Studer A80



T-Racks Tape Machine A80

Ultra-realistic virtual analog tape machine plug-in based on the Studer A80


When it comes to professional analog multi-track tape machines, there’s perhaps none more respected than the Studer A80. This Swiss machine became the universal standard for profes-sional high-end multi-tracking, and now it’s available for you as the T-RackS Tape Machine 80.


The A80 was produced from 1970 through 1988, and remained a studio staple throughout that time.  In its various revisions, the A80 became an essential part of countless influential records, with a perfect blend between transparency and subtle harmonic enhancement.


Using a careful mix of dynamic convolution and physical modeling, the Tape Machine 80 re-creates the complex interplay of effects that are happening in the analog audio tape recording process, down to the finest detail.


4 magic formulas

The Tape Machine 80  lets you choose from 4 different tape formulations, each with its own unique harmonic character:


- 250: Modelled after the 3M/Scotch 250 tape

- 456: Modelled after the Ampex 456 tape

- GP9: Modelled after the Quantegy GP9 tape

- 499: Modelled after the Ampex 499 tape


Comprehensive controls

Each Tape Machine plug-in offers controls over tape speed, head selection, record bias, and other common controls, as well as exclusive features like "true stereo" to re-create the subtle differences between left and right on a real analog machine, and IK's powerful new transport modeling, which captures the realistic wow and flutter of each machine.

SpecialsJan 10, 2020