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ISP Technologies Decimator G String II Noise Reduction Pedal

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Quick Overview

ISP Technologies presents the latest generation in high performance Noise Reduction technology, the DECIMATOR™ NOISE REDUCTION SYSTEM.The Decimator G String noise reduction pedal was des...

ISP Technologies introduces the Decimator II™, second generation of the Decimator Noise reduction. The Decimator II includes improved performance and innovations so unique that it is covered under two new patents pending for these new innovative improvements.

The Decimator II also features improvements in the expander tracking with our new Linearized Time Vector Processing™. This novel improvement provides a more linear release time-constant response for the exponential release curve of the downward expander. While the expander is exponentially increasing expansion and dynamically changing its response to fit the envelope of the input signal, the release response remains linear over a given time period. This increases the smoothness of the release response of the expander and provides the most transparent release response of any noise reduction system available and virtually eliminates any release ripple for incredibly smooth decay of longer sustained notes.

The new Decimator II™ and Decimator G String II™ now include a LINK IN and LINK OUT allowing two pedals to be linked via a common 1/8 inch Tip/Sleeve or Tip/Ring/Sleeve phone cord allowing both pedals noise reduction signal processing circuits to track the direct instrument input. With two Decimator II pedals linked the guitarist will get close to the same level of performance available in our professional Decimator ProRack G system in pedal form. This will now allow players to use one block of Decimator between the guitar and input of the amplifier, a second in the effects loop, use dual preamps in a system with a Decimator II after each pre-amp, or implement true stereo noise reduction systems using this link connection. Using the LINK function between two pedals allows a number of options. By using a standard Decimator II between the guitar and the input of the guitar rig and a second standard Decimator II inserted into the effects loop, the player can achieve the same basic performance of the professional Decimator ProRack G. The guitarist can also use a Decimator G String II at the front end of the system and build a true stereo noise reduction system by linking a standard Decimator Il pedal. This allows two totally independent channels of Decimator Noise Reduction, with separate inputs and outputs, to be inserted after a stereo Pre-amp or connected in a stereo guitar rig.
“The Decimator Products (ProRackG and Pedal) I have acquired are the most organic sounding noise suppressors I have encountered. You can dial each in to be as gentle or as tight as you wish without having any harshness when it engages."
Josh Elmore - Cattle Decapitation
“Other than my guitar and amplifier, the ISP Decimator is the one piece of gear I value the most. It is the greatest noise suppressor on the market."
Mike Spreitzer - Devil Driver
“For me the ISP Decimator pedal is the enforcer of clean tone and signal without the loss of sustain. It Rocks!”
Johnny Hiland
“This ISP Decimator may be the most effective noise reduction pedal on the market today. It’s operation is completely transparent and it’s operation is totally flawless. Once you turn it on, you’ll never turn it off!”
Eric Kirkland - Guitar World Magazine