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Kuassa Amplifikation 360 Bundle

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Quick Overview

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360 Bundle


All of our amplifiers and effect units in a very attractive package. It’s hard to resist!

Get $549 worth of plugins in a bundle where you can use each unit as an individual plugin for your DAW, or as a module for Amplifikation 360.

Here's What Included

Amplifikation-360-Bundle-Plugins-to-Modules Clarent

NEW! Third product from Kuassa’s 3rd gen Tube Simulation technology. Inspired by the orange-colored, heavy-sounding British amps.

Second product from Kuassa’s 3rd gen Tube Simulation technology following the much hyped Amplifikation Caliburn. Amplifikation Matchlock is inspired by Fender™* combo amps and thanks to the 3rd gen Tube Simulation engine guarantees a more dynamic natural sounding, realistic amp recording experience for guitarists.

We are confident to say that this is our best amp yet. This time, it’s inspired by Britain’s Marshall™* Amps crafted using our most current 3rd generation modeling technology, resulting a satisfying responsive feel, more dynamic guitar playing experience you’ll love.

Lo{w} and behold.

From soulful to tenacious. Cerberus Bass Amp is 3-channel bass amplifier plug-in. Cerberus Bass Amp will deliver thundering lows straight from your computer, carefully tuned and carrying enough power to rumble your studio.

Our classic approach to a true vintage guitar combo amp modeling. The best guitar amp simulator for more rootsy guitarists who demands authenticity with it’s tremolo and a faithful recreation of analog spring reverb.

The best guitar amp simulator for more modern high-gain guitar sound, metal, and alike. Distinguished by it’s darker, fuller, heavier sound which will be loved my metalheads and modern guitarists.

Five types of distortion:

Lead Distortion: ringing mids for screaming leads
Heavy Distortion: penetrates from mild to heavy
Metal Distortion: dark and thick, the solid metal gear
Classic Distortion: singing leads and rockin’ hard
Pro Distortion: fat and sharp edge for your tone

Five models of fuzzboxes:

Big Fuzz: the gritty and wooly sustaining note
Sustainer Fuzz: blistering rhythm and singing leads
Trans Fuzz: the familiar fuzzy transistor sound
Vintage Fuzz: modern recreation of the sound from the 60s
Zepp Fuzz: the vintage british rock sound

Five models of overdrive :

Blues Overdrive: imitates overdriven British amps.
Boutique Overdrive: a custom made overdrive, sounds fat and dynamic.
Mad Overdrive: hard, thick and retains the dynamic of your playing.
Modern Overdrive: a new model of overdrive that can be pushed into dense distortion.
Pro Overdrive: warm and tight, the classic screamer sound.

Choose your favourite chorus sound from these three types:

Dimension Chorus: add thickness, 3 dimensional depth and width from true analog circuit modeling
Ensemble  Chorus: a true classic chorusing effect with great tone. soft, deep, and rich
Tribunal Chorus: big spectrum creates rich soundscapes in stereo. The sounds of multiple modulations combined together

Choose your favourite Flanger sound from these three types:

Royal Flanger: the “vintage” flanging effect.
Jet Flanger: supersonic jet howl or cool spacey stereo image.
Electro Flanger: darker, swirly, chorusy, and trippy sound.

Provides three types of sound:

Phase One: Mild phasing effect, great for clean tone. Less dramatic sweep.
Dual  Phase: Warm and thick phasing sound that sounds great with distorted guitar tones. Great for many instruments such as guitar, bass, keyboards, and vocals
Multi Phase: More intense effect . Offers more than a standard wobbling effect.

Classic modulation with greater control over tremolo speed and wave shape. Choose from three type of wave oscillations:

Sine wave
Square wave
Triangle/Sawtooth wave

There are three types of compression style in this unit:

VCA: Stands for “Voltage Controlled Amplifier”. It’s fast, modern, and sounds very clean.
FET: Stands for “Field Effect Transistor”. Known for its aggressive behavior and also adds distinct color to the resulting sound.
OPTO: Shorts for “Optical”. It has the slowest reaction, but gives more characteristics and tightness to the result.

Select from 6 types filter modes:

CB: Dunlop™ Cry Baby*
AX: Vertex™ Axis Wah*
VG: Vox™ Grey Wah*
MuLP: Mu-Tron™ Low Pass*
MuBP: Mu-Tron™ Band Pass*
MuHP: Mu-Tron™ High Pass*

5 types of delay pedal effects software at your disposal:

Digital: Clean and clear, with wide frequency range.
Analog: Dark and mushy, inspired by the bucket brigade delay pedals
Lo-Fi: Grainy and dirty, lower bitrate with reduced frequency range
Tape: Simulated the warm and lush sound of vintage tape units
Reverse: Repeats the signal backwards for ethereal and ambient effect

 Five types of Reverb to enhance your recordings:

Room: Tight and fat roomy sound
Hall: Big and wide concert space
Plate: Simulated vibrating metal plate. Grainy and unique because the low frequency propagates slower than the high freq.
Spring: Simulating mechanical springs commonly found on guitar amps
Shimmer: Haunting and atmospheric reverb, created by pitch shifting the reverb tails