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Kurzweil PC2R-O 1U Rack Mount Module

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Quick Overview

The PC2R is designed for anyone in search of the best sound quality with great-sounding effects and a compact 1U design. This is a songwriter's dream palette! It provides impeccable, high-qual...
The PC2R is designed for anyone in search of the best sound quality with great-sounding effects and a compact 1U design. This is a songwriter's dream palette! It provides impeccable, high-quality new sounds including a brand new super-dynamic stereo grand piano, stereo strings, Take 6 vocals, brass section, classic electric pianos (FM, Wurlitzer and Rhodes), organs, harpsichord, Clavinet, vibes, marimba, electric and acoustic basses (with and without layered ride cymbal), guitars, drums, percussion and synth sounds. It also features Kurzweil's KB-3 modeled tone wheel organ mode, giving you ultra-realistic tone wheel organ programs. Orchestral Sounds include String Sections, Solo Strings, Woodwinds, Orchestral Brass, Jazz Brass, Orchestral Ensembles, Choir, Organ, Harp, Nylon String Guitar, Orchestral Percussion, and Ethnic Percussion.

The PC2R comes with 400 fantastic sounding preset programs (256 regular programs, 128 Orchestral ROM programs, and 16 KB3 programs). All programs can be edited, allowing for changes to timbre, envelopes, and LFOs. They can then be stored to any of the 256 user locations (128 for regular programs and 128 for KB3 programs). One additional ROM block can be added to the PC2 (to be released in the future), which will add 128 more preset programs. (For older units that came with the Orchestral ROM, it can be added as an option). And with 64 voices of polyphony, expandable to 128 voices, you'll never run out of polyphony for playing all of the marvelous sounds.

The Orchestral ROM block comes with 2 banks of 128 programs. Kutzweil's programs are installed in the Flash ROM. A General MIDI bank is also available. Or, if desired, you can install the GM bank of sounds as presets into the Flash ROM and then load the unique bank of sounds into the User bank.

Up to 4 programs can be layered/split to create full, rich, and expressive sounds and combinations called setups. The PC2R ships with 32 great-sounding setups with room for 128 user created setups as well. It's easy and quick to make setups with layered and split sounds which are impossible to create on other rack modules.

The PC2R has room for an additional ROM block which will add 128 new preset programs and 32 new preset Setups.

Control At Your Fingertips The PC2R offers users clear and concise control over their sounds. The striking purple color is nicely offset by the 2 x 20-character backlit display. The 4 front panel knobs can be used as physical controllers and can be programmed on a per zone basis, allowing you to send any MIDI controller message on any zone or any combination of zones. The built-in arpeggiator can be synced to an external MIDI clock and includes many different latch modes and play orders. This flexibility allows for the creation of endless varieties of arpeggios and percussion patterns.

Each zone can be set to play the PC2R's own sounds, or an external MIDI device, or both. Of course, you can set the note range for each zone to create custom splits and layers, as well as customizing velocity responses per zone. Controllers can be scaled both positively and negatively and can have offset values as well as entry and exit values to set their 'state" upon selecting a program or setup. A PC2R setup can have up to 4 zones, and transmit on up to 4 different MIDI channels simultaneously.

The PC2R also features Kurzweil's acclaimed KB3 tone wheel organ modeling technology. Users can adjust most aspects of the organ model including the drawbar settings, vibrato/chorus settings, percussion settings, and more.

Fantastic Effects The PC2 includes dual effects processors which feature preset effects of the same quality as found in the highly regarded KDFX for the K2500/K2600 series instruments. Dual effects processors provide great, high-quality effects, with separate send levels per MIDI channel for each of the dual effects processors. This allows stunning and complex effects design.

The 1U rack mount module offers 64 voices of polyphony and can be expanded to 128 voices with Kurzweil PCX-1 polyphony expansion board. The PC2R features ultra quiet specs with better than 119dB noise floor and 24-bit digital output (consumer and pro formats supported: AES/EBU, and SPDIF). Two plug in 16 MB sound ROM boards will also be available which will expand the PC2R's sound ROM to a total of 48MB. All options are user installable.