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Magix Samplitude Pro X3 Suite

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Quick Overview

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Receive a free upgrade to Samplitude Pro X4 and the following included software:

  • Sound Forge Pro 11 full version

  • Spectra Layers Pro 5

  • Independence Sampler with a 70 GB database

  • Vandal full version - 25 virtual instruments

  • Analogue Modelling Suite Plus

  • Cleaning & Restoration Suite

  • Loudness Metering EBU R128/ITU-R BS.1771

  • True Peak Limiter

  • Encoder preview (AAC, MP3)

  • DDP export

  • Birdline Platinum Pack V.6.0


Samplitude Pro X3 has been designed from the start as a DAW that answers to the highest quality standards. Carefully selected mastering plug-ins, efficient editing functions and extremely precise algorithms have continually set new benchmarks in the audio industry for more than 25 years.




DDP export

DDP export

Due to popular request, DDP export is now also included in Samplitude. In addition to physical mastering, you can transfer data digitally with checksum. This guarantees a smooth pressing process.

MP3/AAC audition plug-in

MP3/AAC audition plug-in

The new preview plug-in enables you to preview results before export and guarantees outstanding sound for your mix. Work on pitch to do away with muffled sounds of compressed formats or factor in features from various encoders to create masters compatible with iTunes and other music platforms.

Sound Forge Pro

Sound Forge Pro

Comprehensive functions in the areas of editing and mastering make Sound Forge Pro 11 the perfect companion plug-in for Samplitude Pro X3 Suite. The powerful Audio Editor works on a precise, sample-based level and offers an excellent selection of tools for mixing and finalizing music productions.




The latest version of Samplitude strengthens core competency in the area of audio editing. Discover editing in a whole new dimension with the ARA interface and Melodyne essential.





Award-winning audio editing

Use the same equipment as Grammy winners. The Melodyne essential plug-in from Celemonye contains the legendary tool for correcting recordings with absolute precision. The renowned algorithms give you complex editing solutions for audio recordings.


Pitch editing

Edit the pitch of out of tune vocal recordings on either the note or scale level using just your mouse. Melodyne is well-renowned for producing natural, clean sound while correcting compositions.


Timing correction

Adjust the timing of individual sounds and notes, such as percussion or even melodies, in any recording. The time stretching feature in Melodyne incorporates various musical factors while retaining organic sound sequences.


Integrated ARA

Celemony's ARA expands VST protocols in Samplitude Pro X3 to keep information exchange flowing between the plug-in and host. Plug-ins include access to tempo and pitch information and work even more efficiently.


Audio to MIDI

Double the vocal track using a software instrument, transform audio tracks for remixing in MIDI data or play back beatboxing and everything else you've made from the virtual Drum Machine.

The new Audio to MIDI feature also includes brand new opportunities for showcasing your creative edge.



New mixer setups have been optimized specially for different types of workflows and arrangements allowing you to keep everything in view, whether you're working on 10 tracks or 100. The design brings together the best of two worlds so you can combine the analog atmosphere with all the advantages of digital freedom.



Samplitude Pro X3 automatically calculates the tempo of an audio recording in the background. Combined with the project tempo map, it's a powerful tool for music production.

When working with the tempo switch within the arrangement, the tempo of your audio recording automatically adjusts to the parameters set for your project.

Tempo automation & BPM calculator



Orange Vocoder ME by Zynaptiq

Using the Orange Vocoder ME and the presets supplied, you can expand your repertoire of experimental sound with unique new sound collections.


Comment function for tracks, objects and takes

Make comments on adjustments in objects and tracks or evaluate single takes as they're being recorded. The Info Manager is your digital notepad and gives you detailed info right in the middle of an arrangement.


New start dialog

Adjust sample rate, bit depth and other project settings even before you start recording. This means you'll be ready to capture spontaneous ideas right as you think of them.



Pop Drums

Pop Drums

Pop Drums include an authentic mix of electronic and acoustic drum sets. Lay down a powerful foundation for music in genres from New Wave and Pop to Rock and EDM.


Concert Grand

Concert Grand

Based on the a recording of a concert grand in an international concert hall, this piano is impressive with its character and detailed articulation.

Cinematic Soundscapes

Cinematic Soundscapes

Weave a colorful tapestry of sound or create atmospheric background music. Cinematic Soundscapes adds a sense of depth and tension to your productions.


Church Organ

Church Organ

This software instrument is based on an authentically sampled Venetian church organ. A huge range of options for sound manipulation expand the repertoire of these instruments even further. They're perfect for use in rock ballads, hip hop tracks and modern dance productions.



DDP export

DDP export

Due to popular request, DDP export is now also included in Samplitude. In addition to physical mastering, you can transfer data digitally with checksum. This guarantees a smooth pressing process.


MP3/AAC audition plug-in

MP3/AAC audition plug-in

The new preview plug-in enables you to preview results before export and guarantees outstanding sound for your mix. Work on pitch to do away with muffled sounds of compressed formats or factor in features from various encoders to create masters compatible with iTunes and other music platforms.


Sound Forge Pro

Sound Forge Pro

Comprehensive functions in the areas of editing and mastering make Sound Forge Pro 11 the perfect companion plug-in for Samplitude Pro X3 Suite. The powerful Audio Editor works on a precise, sample-based level and offers an excellent selection of tools for mixing and finalizing music productions.




Absolute sound neutrality & optimal latency management enable professional studio sound with extreme precision.

Record music

Recording talent 

Samplitude Pro X3 delivers the highest level of audio quality, even in complex recording sessions. Arrange audio and MIDI data on a total of 999 tracks.

With up to 256 physical inputs and outputs, working on large projects is no problem at all. Use common audio formats from 16-bit to 32-bit floating point as well as sample rates up to 384 kHz.


Recording talent



Sound neutral

Samplitude offers full bit transparency. The consistent use of floating point calculations ensures that the sound retains the desired nuances, even after extensive digital processing. This means transparency in the sound, neutrality and retention of transience and spatiality.


Sound neutral

Take composer

The Take Composer clearly displays all the recordings of a composition. This feature offers a specially optimized cutting tool to combine each element in the context of the entire arrangement creating the perfect end result.


Take composer

Hybrid Audio Engine

The hybrid audio engine includes a combination of a high-performance engine and full latency compensation. The Low Latency Engine reduces response times when calculating real-time effects and enables accurate Live Monitoring at lower latencies.

The integrated High Performance Engine provides for highly efficient system utilization. This in turn allows for sophisticated effects, software instruments and other plug-ins to be added to Samplitude Pro X3.


Multi-core support

Thanks to the ongoing improvements in CPU performance, DAWs can be operated completely independent of external DSP hardware.

Multi-core support in Samplitude Pro X3 offers you the option to scale your studio setup according to its intended use and thus achieve optimum system performance.




General editing

Custom workflows, flexible docking options and first-class tools for audio editing at the highest level.


Audio Random Access

Edit projects on a whole new level. In addition to tempo and pitch information, ARA also recognizes intonation and volume levels.



Melodyne essential is natively integrated in both Samplitude Pro X3 and Samplitude Pro X3 Suite.

Combined with VST extension ARA, it serves as a powerful tool for pitch manipulation.


Melodyne essential

Real time pitch shift/time stretch

Celemony is both pioneer and market leader when it comes to pitch manipulation. Make the most of this top plug-in in Samplitude.


Timing correction

Stay on point by optimizing the timing of your takes. Adjust, distort or edit recordings with precision.


Audio to MIDI

Transform your audio recordings into MIDI notes in seconds. Fatten up drums or distort vocals and instruments with new sounds.


Editing area

Discover a work environment that suits you. Thanks to the innovative docking concept, Samplitude Pro X3 offers a completely customizable program interface.

Drag & drop, reposition and resize central software elements as well as toolbars.


Editing area

Mixer layouts

Several skins are included for customizing the design of the mixing console. Select one of the new layouts and modify the width and height of channels.


Mixer layouts

zplane algorithm

Use the latest zplane algorithm, élastiquePro v3, for time stretching and pitch shifting. This algorithm uses the latest findings from signal processing theory and combines these with psycho-acoustic models.

The result is a complex tool for professional audio editing that preserves transients on a very small number of artifacts, even when heavy manipulation is applied. Maintain natural sound characteristics with time stretching and pitch shifting processes in Samplitude Pro X3.


zplane algorithm

Track-level spectral editing

Remove unwanted sounds, like coughing or clapping, without audibly affecting the original signal. Spectral editing enables convenient editing at the track level enabling you to make corrections directly in the arrangement, even without activating the spectral display.

Using a spectrogram, unwanted noises are quickly identified according to their color representation and removed – it’s ideal for short, clear noises.


Track-level spectral editing

Pitch correction for vocals and instruments

Elastic allows you to not only modify the pitch from monophonic instruments and correct out of tune notes in vocal recordings, but also change entire melodies and adjust base frequencies. You can also create harmonized voices, a choir or background vocals in a matter of clicks.

Object-based editing in Samplitude Pro X3 enables you to modify individual words or syllables independently of the vocal track. These object settings can be transferred to several tracks, which is one way of simplifying editing when it comes to larger arrangements.


Pitch correction for vocals & instruments


After a series of takes you can combine the best elements to create the perfect sequence. The Take Composer clearly displays all the recordings of a passage. This lets you compare all takes within the context of the complete arrangement and splice them together with the special modified cutting tool.


Tighten up!

Remember that vinyl from your favorite band with the amazing drum groove? Easily extract rhythms from audio and MIDI files and turn them into groove templates in Samplitude Pro X3. Then at your next drum recording just select the preset and apply your new template to achieve a tight drum sound.


Drum replacement

Exchange elements from a live drum recording with takes from another recording or completely replace them with digital sounds. This way you can combine the natural sound of a snare with a fat sample – without affecting the original rhythm of the drummer.


MIDI Editor

The MIDI editor integrates different editors, views, ranges, and tools. A piano roll, drum editor, score editor, event list and controller editor are all available. You also have complete access to the VST instruments used and you can also specifically set and change any parameter, such as velocity, sustain, and other effects.


Object editing

In addition to classic track-related editing options, Samplitude Pro X3 also features object-level editing. The options are so extensive that it's even possible to route objects to aux and Surround buses. Make changes to object settings in real time. From fades to pitch editing, edits are non-destructive and are calculated during playback.


Object editing

Custom workspaces

You can customize the arrangement, composition and display of visualizations, the file manager and the transport controls.

Concentrate on what matters: The toolbar can be adjusted to fit various work flows in just a few clicks.


Custom workspaces


Extensive options for producing scores and MIDI editing and numerous virtual instruments: Inspiration for every detail.




Independence Sampler

The Independence Sampler Workstation is a collection of sample instruments for professional film music, electronic music productions, sound design and live performances.

Samplitude Pro X3 includes more than 12 GB of content. Samplitude Pro X3 Suite offers an impressive 70 GB premium sound database, including drums, percussion, acoustic, bass and electric guitars, pop wind instruments, saxophones, synthesizers, a complete symphony orchestra and many more instruments.


Independence Sampler


Create experimental sounds or modulate an entire arrangement.

Edit vocal recordings and also virtual instruments using the vocoder. You'll always have the right sound  ready, thanks to various presets.


Orange Vocoder ME by Zynaptiq



Concert Grand

This concert grand is impressive with its large dynamic range and detailed, authentic sound.


Church Organ

Experiment with the feel of this imposing instrument. Sampled in a little church near Venice, the Church Organ combines the traditional with the modern and can be used for both organ music as well as contemporary rock & pop.


Pop Drums

A range of microphones give the Pop Drums a naturally spatial sound and was recorded on an old SSL console for that extra analog charm.


Cinematic Soundscapes

The perfect complement to our Cinematic Synth. Create gloomy atmospheric sounds for film and music projects.



An authentic accordion sound for adding folky dynamics or a French touch to your compositions. But it's also fantastic for creating more modern sounds and beats.


Cinematic Synth

The perfect synthesizer for achieving ambient sound. Combine dark and dreamy sequences with grating basslines, cinematic keys, bells, effects, percussion elements and film-like Atmos.


Vintage Organ

The classic sounds of the Vintage Organ bring you back to the heart of the 60s and 70s. It stands out with funk & jazz-inspired sounds that are characterized by their precise and realistic sound.


Rock Drums

A dynamic feel, practical editing features and room sound simulation make Rock Drums a strong instrument for creating a rhythmic base in high-quality music productions.


Bass machine

Create powerful, tight lines. There is a range of flexible options and parameters for customizing your bass sound.


Soundtrack Percussion

Create dynamic rhythm sections for songs or movie scores with a collection of cymbals, drums and other percussion.


Lead Synth

An impressive synthesizer based on the sound of analog classics. The unmistakable sound makes it perfect for winning lead melodies.


Drum Engine 

This instrument offers a wide range of variations and options, from modern drum kits to classic groove box samples. Create dynamic, powerful drums.


Jazz Drums 

Jazz Drums in Samplitude help you recreate the groovy swing of a smoky jazz club. Authentic samples and delicate parameter settings create an incredibly realistic feel when this instrument is played.




Analog synths

Analog synths

This virtual instrument features the authentic sounds of legendary analog synthesizers as well as freely-interpreted sounds. It provides you with a virtual synthesizer featuring a fascinating sound and extensive options for creating individual sounds.

Urban Drums

Urban Drums

This drum machine, with its 8-bit camouflage look, was destined for urban music productions. Impressive presets for hip hop & dubstep, as well as dedicated settings options for parameters such as bit crush and distortion, bring the language of the street to your drum tracks.

Electric Piano

Electric Piano

The Electric Piano shifts between timeless elegance and suppressed aggression. Despite its versatility, the Electric Piano's sound processing and modulation options feature an organic sound character.

String Ensemble

String Ensemble

This orchestral string instrument introduces stylish accents to classical music productions. The String Ensemble guarantees an authentic sound – but it can also be used to create dance productions, soundtracks and pop arrangements, thanks to various features such as the noise controller, editable play styles (tremolo, legato, pizzicato, etc.) and electronic distortion.


MIDI Velocity Dynamics

"Velocity Dynamics" is a real-time effect for MIDI data which allows you to edit the attack dynamics of the MIDI notes. Adjust the MIDI velocity to the connected synthesizer by compressing or expanding the velocity strength of the selected event.


MIDI editor

The MIDI editor integrates different editors, views, ranges, and tools. For example, a piano roll, drum editor, score editor, controller editor (e.g. velocity, MIDI volume, etc.), and an event list are all available. You can also specifically set and change any parameter such as velocity, sustain, and other effects. MIDI quantization is also possible without any additional steps.

The beginning of notes, note length and pitch are all precisely displayed in the piano roll. You can copy, move, lengthen, shorten and play back all notes here.


Drum Editor

The Drum Editor is an alternative version of the piano roll, specifically for programming drum parts. Transfer note settings to other channel strips and quantize individual elements or assign them a new (MIDI) output channel.

The editor can be operated in two different modes:

The matrix mode displays notes with standard parameters such as the beginning of the note, note length and pitch.

The cell mode allows you to adjust the width of notes and define a view quantize grid per instrument.


Music notation

From idea to finished score: Music notation in Samplitude Pro X3 displays MIDI data as notes in real time.

When you edit the piano roll, all changes are displayed right in the score. And vice versa, edits to notes in the score are transferred to the MIDI editor.

Individual notations can be selected by clicking on them, and you can also edit pitch, velocity and length in the parameters. When your composition is finished, you can easily print the data as sheet music.


Screen Keyboard

The screen keyboard is optimized for touch control and contains a MIDI chord/arpeggio feature.

Sketch out new ideas on the go without the need for additional equipment.


Screen Keyboard


Record complex projects and work on large arrangements with intuitive mixing, flexible routing and elegant automations.


Revolver Tracks

Use Revolver Tracks to easily create variations of a track, e.g. different edits, to have on-hand during mixing. These are saved without track effects, automations and track settings. This way you can try out different solos in a song when mixing, without making changes to the rest of the arrangement.

You can save Revolver Tracks as copies to create variations on an existing take – or save them as empty tracks to import new recordings or new objects. You can switch between available Revolver Tracks by using keyboard shortcuts, and you can display them at any time in the Take Composer.


Free plug-in routing

For greater production control, modify the signal flow of effects & plug-ins exactly the way you want. The sequence can be edited for tracks as well as all objects in the arrangement. This goes for Surround editing as well. In this case, the plug-ins in the individual channels are always calculated before the Surround effects.


Multiple outputs

For even more flexible routing during mixing, Samplitude Pro X3 lets you easily add or remove additional outputs to tracks – or you can also assign no outputs to a track. You can also view and select multiple outputs directly in the routing manager. Pre- or post fader and direct out tap points make it easier to mix complex music productions.


VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifiers)

The concept of the VCA fader in Samplitude Pro X3 ensures usability and comfort based on large analog mixing consoles and is natively integrated in the DAW. This fader lets you precisely control all relevant levels when mixing your projects. Here, each existing channel strip can be easily turned into a VCA fader.



Touch, latch, trim or overwrite: All curves may be drawn in detail and defined using the handle points.

Working with track and plug-in automations is now even easier. When you delete a selected object, the corresponding automation data is saved and moved. You can also right click on curve points to edit them or transfer track automations to objects. To make sure everything remains clearly laid-out and easy to use, you can select between the track and object automation display directly in the track editor beside the track at any time.


Tempo automation

Edit tempo information and create automatizations in audio tracks and objects. Ideal for experimental sound design, creative film or dynamic transitions.


Economy tracks

Tracks can be converted into "economy tracks" at any time. These tracks and their effects will not be used for input monitoring, thus easing the load on your system.

If you mute an economy track, it will not consume performance resources to calculate effects.


Economy tracks



Vandal full version

This virtual guitar & bass amplifier includes 24 stomp boxes, 70 different presets and three different microphone arrangements. Every component of the amplifier, from the tube to the speaker coils, is virtualized right down to the last detail. Physical modeling technology guarantees great sound without compromise.

The intuitive program interface is based on how professional guitarists and bassists work with hardware and lets you get started right away.


Vandal full version

essentialFX Suite

The essentialFX Suite is a high-quality collection of 11 professional effects plug-ins for modulation and dynamic effects.

This collection contains both standard effects, such as flanger, tremolo and chorus, as well as special plug-ins for optimizing speech and vocal recordings, and an excellent compressor.


essentialFX Suite
Vintage Effects Suite

Vintage Effects Suite

The Vintage Effects Suite contains the Corvex, Ecox & Filtox plug-ins. They are based on the same control principle – but they couldn't be more different from each other in terms of sound design. Filtox is a real-time FFT filter and controls the frequency response of a modulation source. This allows you to edit and distort synthesizer sounds and drum loops as well as create effects like the wah-wah effect.

Ecox can realistically emulate echoes from analog tape devices, which are caused by tracking fluctuations. The Corvex plug-in, on the other hand, modulates realistic-sounding chorus and flanger effects from the early days of analog effects units.


Cleaning effects

Samplitude Pro X3 offers a track-level frequency-based cleaning tool in the form of spectral editing. Remove unwanted sounds, like coughing or clapping, without affecting the original signal audibly. Using a spectrogram, noises are quickly identified according to their color representation and removed.

Additional cleaning effects include DeHisser, DeClipper and DeNoiser, all of which work in real time.


Cleaning effects



Analogue Modelling Suite Plus

Analogue Modelling Suite Plus includes four high-quality effects plug-ins that model analog audio tools, which simply can't be left out of any professional mastering process.

This includes a high-quality analog compressor with optional simulation of studio tape machine saturation effects (am|track), a tube pre-amp/channel strip (am|phibia), a transient designer (am|pulse) for influencing the signal envelope of percussive audio material, plus a mastering dynamics tool (am|munition) with compressor, limiter, clipper and M/S editing.


Analogue Modelling Suite Plus


Samplitude Pro X3 supports a number of hardware controllers for operating program features. The following models are currently supported:

Mackie Control 
Mackie HUI
Artist Series – Artist Control
Artist Series – Artist Mix
Artist Series – Artist Transport
Frontier TranzPort
Frontier Alpha Track 
PreSonus FaderPort
JL Cooper MCS 3x00 Series
SSL Nucleus
Tascam US-2400




The effects featured in Samplitude Pro X3 are high quality, reliable and impressive tools ideal for the mastering process. Effects such as the Brickwall Limiter, sMax11, Multiband Enhancer, EQ116 or the Analog Modelling Suite, as well as proven dynamic effects were developed and optimized for mastering purposes. All effects in Samplitude Pro X3 can be used in objects, in tracks and in the master channel.


DDP export

In addition to physical mastering, you can create a digital DDP master for transferring your master to the pressing plant. Your finished, high-quality master is resistant to generation loss and ready for archiving thanks to duplication.


Encoder preview

Preview to check for compression artifacts or loss of highs and adjust parameters or sections of the mix to remedy them. The encoder plug-in enables you to fulfil all requirements for export, for instance "Mastered for iTunes" requirements.


Phase Linear EQ

This 6-band EQ works with oversampling or phase linear modes, proving its proficiency in mixing as well as in mastering. Due to the linear process, no disruptive phase shifts occur when mastering songs that have already been mixed.

Of course, the equalizer contains various presets and offers an option for A-B comparisons. This allows you to compare different settings in real time.


Phase Linear EQ

Multiband Enhancer

This enhancer or Aural Exciter adds high frequency elements to a signal. The resulting sound is a lot more transparent and can be easily localized in stereo.

The enhancer can also help you freshen up musty audio from digitized vinyl records or from MP3 files.


Multiband Enhancer

sMax11 brickwall limiter

Take your mix to the limit. Select how aggressive limiting should be with a variety of modes.

Use gain in, out and release faders to adjust parameters for your track's genre in order to achieve optimal results.


sMax11 brickwall limiter


Samplitude Pro X3 exclusive!: Inter-sample peaks are now incorporated into the limiting of the signal. The reconstructing audio material at the analog output does not cause clipping or distortion.


Exclusive in the Suite!: True Peak Limiter for sMax11 (Suite)

Mastering & authoring

Samplitude Pro X3 allows you to add indices and CD text to CD projects according to the Red Book standard and burn them directly from the arrangement in any kind of blank format (+R/-R/+RW/-RW). Audio files can be burned in uncompressed form (linear PCM), as an audio CD or in compressed form, e.g. as MP3, AAC, OGG or FLAC format as a data CD/DVD.

In addition, CD projects can be exported in stereo or Surround format as DVD audio, which makes it possible to burn high definition stereo and Surround projects directly from the multi-track arrangement. The project does not have to be exported first.


Mastering & authoring

MAGIX Xtreme Print Studio

To accompany the mastering process in a project, you can export the tracks contained, as well as their times and track description in a TOC overview.

You can also transfer this data directly to the MAGIX Xtreme Print Studio, where items such as covers, inlays and labels for the master can be created and printed.


MAGIX Xtreme Print Studio


From stereo width visualization to a detailed representation of the frequency spectra at the object level: Samplitude Pro X3 offers various tools for sound analysis.



The comparisonics waveform display presents different frequencies in waveform of various colors. A waveform in Samplitude Pro X3 no longer just provides you with information about the volume, but also about the height of the relevant frequencies. Low frequencies are shown in dark tones, the mid region in green and blue tones and high frequencies in red. This allows you to know with a simple glance how a waveform sounds and subsequently select and edit specific areas, greatly simplifying recording and mixing.

Metering Cockpit

Metering Cockpit

Samplitude Pro X3 includes a variety of precision meters and analyzers for optimal support during production and the mastering process. Select visualizations such as bit meter, tuner spectrogram or mono compatibility tool and set up your own private "cockpit" to more deeply examine frequencies or the stereo and Surround distribution. You can choose between different visualizations layouts and save them for later use.


Frequency analysis

Analyze volume and frequency distribution in the spectrum over time using tools for frequency analysis such as the spectroscope or spectrogram. The surround meter lets you view amplitude

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