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Martinic Pianet T

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ACE® Modeled vibrating reeds plucked by state-of-the-art NASA-patented plastic suction pads


Pianet T


Add some retro charm to your music with the iconic sound of this '70s electro-mechanical piano called the Pianet T.

The reeds in the Pianet T aren't struck, but instead are engaged by NASA-patented pink plastic suction pads that suck on the reeds until they snap loose and begin to vibrate. Small coils, similar to guitar pickups, then convert the vibrations into electrical sound. The intricate sounds produced by these coils comprise numerous sine waves. In the case of the Pianet T model, it occasionally necessitates the computation of over 100 sine waves to craft its distinct sound profile. To ensure optimal performance without overtaxing the CPU, we've integrated an enhanced iteration of the formula pioneered by the seventh-century Indian mathematician Bhāskara Ⅰ. This fusion of ancient methodologies with cutting-edge twentieth-century NASA techniques is seamlessly integrated into our plugin, resulting in a harmonious marriage of tradition and innovation.


Martinic's Additions



Next to the ACE® modeled "Pickups", the Pianet T also features the physically modeled "Unplugged" model. This can be utilized either independently or in conjunction, enhancing the Pianet's natural and distinct sound even further. The inclusion of a room effect on both the "Pickups" and "Unplugged" models contributes to the overall natural ambiance, enhancing the immersive experience.



Martinic's ACE® modeling technique ensures the highest quality, most accurate recreation of analog instruments and FX. When you see the ACE® logo, you know you're getting the best.


Harmonic Mix
The Harmonic Mix includes level controls that allow subtle harmonic changes. It also gives you the ability to make larger changes, such as transforming the Pianet T into a vibraphone-like sound.


In addition to Vibrato, Tremolo, and Chorus effects, the Pianet T boasts a Vintage tube combo amp complete with classic spring reverb and cabinet simulation.




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Loving the sound - it is certainly different from the Rhodes and Wurlitzer sounds that are available from others.

Andrew Macaulay


This rendition of the classic Hohner® Pianet T by Martinic sounds exactly like the hardware unit we have in the studio but also takes that beautiful instrument far beyond!

Lic. Ezequiel MorfiTITANIO


The Pianet T sounds incredible. Super amazing.

Clifton Develle Cameron


I enjoy using the Pianet T software so much and will be using on many of my future recordings! What a wonderful plug in for musicians to use! The sounds are so experimental too making new song ideas easy to start and get creating! All my love.

Laura White






Windows 7+, macOS 10.9+