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McDSP Emerald Pack V7 Native

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McDSP's world-renowned emulations of vintage equalizers, compressors, tape machines and channel amplifiers, combined with custom console modeling, and the latest technology in convolution reverb and mastering limiters are now available together as the McDSP Emerald Pack.


Emerald Pack includes:

Analog Channel : The Analog Experience

Analog Channel emulates the sounds of high-end analog tape machines, tape, and channel amplifiers.

Channel G : The Ultimate Console

Channel G delivers the big board sound with unprecedented flexibility and seamless integration the Digidesign D-Control and D-Command control surfaces.

Channel G Compact : The Ultimate Console

Channel G Compact delivers the same sonic experience as Channel G with a smaller dsp footprint.

Chrome Tone : Guitar Amp Modeling and Effects

Chrome Tone brings the world of custom guitar amps, boutique outboard gear, and pedal effects inside your audio workstation.

CompressorBank : The Complete Compressor

CompressorBank is a high-end compressor plug-in designed to emulate the sounds of vintage and modern compressors, while delivering complete control of dynamic compression.

DE555 : Advanced De-essing

The DE555 is a new generation of de-essing technology, providing transparent, precise de-essing with unique flexibility.

FilterBank : Every EQ Ever Made

FilterBank is a high-end equalizer plug-in designed to emulate the sounds of vintage and modern equalizers and filters.

FutzBox : Lo-Fi Distortion Effects

FutzBox is a distortion and noise generator plug-in for creating low-fidelity versions of audio signals.

MC2000 : The Complete Multi-Band Compressor

The MC2000 is a high-end multi-band compressor plug-in designed to emulate the sounds of vintage and modern compressors.

ML4000 : The Essential Mastering Solution

The ML4000 is a high-resolution limiter designed for music, mastering, post, and live sound, in single and multi-band configurations.

NF575 : Flexible Noise Filtering

The NF575 Noise Filter is a high resolution filter set designed to remove a wide variety of noise types from audio.

Revolver : Flexible Convolution Reverb

Revolver provides total impulse response control, dedicated and routable EQ, two sync-able delay lines, a reverb decay crossover network, and specialized stereo imaging for unprecedented flexibility.

Synthesizer One : Total Sound Synthesis

Synthesizer One combines wave table and analog oscillators, a modular design, flexible filtering, and a dedicated effects section to produce inspiring leads, fat basses, and evolving synthetic textures.