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Monster IP400-1.5M Interlink Bandwidth Balanced Stereo

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Quick Overview

1.5 m. pair - 4.92 ft.High Resolution, Bandwidth Balanced Time Correct Audio Interconnect Cable with Dual Solid Core ConductorsMonster's Bandwidth Balanced Solid Core SolutionUnlike convention...
1.5 m. pair - 4.92 ft.

High Resolution, Bandwidth Balanced Time Correct Audio Interconnect Cable with Dual Solid Core Conductors

Monster's Bandwidth Balanced Solid Core Solution

Unlike conventional cables, Interlink 400 MKII has a Bandwidth Balanced dual solid core center conductor design with mid/high frequency wire networks for smooth, balanced reproduction of music harmonics.

Time Correct windings accurately transfer both highs and lows with improved clarity and definition.

And Monster's innovative, low-loss PEX dielectrics have a low dielectric constant for faster, more accurate signal transfer, even over long runs.

The Amazing Results

Bass notes are deep and tight. Transients are faster, revealing detail in the music with improved clarity. Imaging of instrument is precise, with good depth and recreation of sound stage. And accurate phase and amplitude response deliver more natural overall sound.

The Turbine Design RCA: The World's finest RCA Connector

Interlink 400 MkII's premium RCA connector has a specially designed let strain relief that withstands pulls 100 lbs. or more. This eight diagonal cut Turbine Design patented connector is 24k gold-plated for optimum signal transfer and corrosion resistance. Monster's exclusive four O-ring non-slip rubber grips allow for easy handling.

Maximize Your system's Performance

Just plug in Monster Cable and listen to the extraordinary improvements that properly designed cables can make. You are about to hear your music as you've never heard before.


  • Built-in gold contact stereo mini-jack output splits off to two RCA plugs.
  • Multiple gauge high and low frequency wire networks for accurate, natural sound reproduction.
  • Time Correct® windings reduce distortion for more accurate signal transfer.
  • Incorporates Xtra Low Noise® SingleHelix™ Twist Construction for rejection of inductively coupled noise.
  • For use with all portable audio devices.