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Nomad Factory Magnetics Bundle v3

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Magnetics Bundle v3




MAGNETIC is a dynamic audio tool crafted to infuse your music with the essence and nuances of vintage analog tape. Drawing inspiration from celebrated tape machines, MAGNETIC breaks conventional limits, offering a rich palette of sonic options accessible through a few simple clicks.

This plugin features a streamlined interface with key controls including Ten Tape Models, Tone Control, Tape Compression & Saturation, and Wow & Flutter, all designed for straightforward manipulation. This intuitive layout guarantees a quick and efficient workflow.

MAGNETIC is ideal for both subtle nuances and bold sonic shifts, providing the "final touch" or "massive transformation" to your stems, masters, or instruments. It reliably produces a sound that is richer, deeper, and fuller.

With its simple exterior yet sophisticated internal design, MAGNETIC has matured into an advanced tool that authentically reproduces the unique feel and harmonics of real tape machines.





ECHOES revives the spirit of five legendary vintage single-line delays, capturing their rich essence while incorporating modern controls for Tone and Stereo Spreading. This flexibility makes it suitable for a variety of production contexts.

ECHOES allows you to sculpt everything from soft, intimate mono delays to broad, rich stereo delays, all with a characteristic warm, analog tone. Enabled by a thoroughly reengineered sound engine, ECHOES not only honors its vintage roots but also surpasses them with enhanced contemporary performance.




COSMOS has been reimagined as a multifaceted exciter, blending contemporary adaptability with a touch of vintage charm. It features three distinct operational modes: Smooth, Balanced, and Dynamic, making it versatile enough for enhancing single tracks, stems, or entire masters.

At its heart, COSMOS includes a novel Stereo Enhancer processor that can expand the stereo field in three distinctive ways and even generate stereo from mono sources. The degree of vintage flavor is entirely adjustable, providing granular control over the audio's final character.

Additionally, COSMOS is outfitted with a transparent limiter, ensuring it is the perfect tool for adding richness and perfecting the density of any track. Whether you are fine-tuning detailed arrangements or broad master tracks, COSMOS delivers exceptional warmth and depth, enhancing your audio projects with its unique presence.


New Features and Enhancements:

Each plugin has been meticulously refined to deliver unparalleled sound quality and performance:

• Magnetic 3 now features ten distinct Tape Models, enhanced Tape Compression & Saturation, and improved Wow & Flutter effects, making it easier than ever to add vintage flavor to digital tracks.

• Echoes 3 enhances any mix with its classic vintage delay effects, providing warmth and depth to echo through time.

• Cosmos 3 uses sophisticated harmonic enhancement to improve clarity and fatten low-end frequencies, perfect for achieving a polished, professional sound.


The entire suite has seen significant technological advancements:


• A redesigned user interface that is resizable and features two skins for optimal usability.

• Enhanced DSP with optional oversampling for more efficient processing.

• Full support for VST3 and Apple Silicon, ensuring compatibility with the latest audio production software and hardware.

• Many more improvements