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NOS Audio MiLo Microphone Locker for NOS12

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MiLo (Mic Locker) models the most sought after microphones in the world, a collection that would cost you over $100,000 to buy and even then only if you're lucky enough to find them. World class sound without the world class price.

MiLo works with the NOS12 large diaphragm tube microphone, as well as future models we release.


Technical Details

MiLo works together with the host microphones' inherent qualities and characteristics. For example, the NOS12 already has the same basic building blocks as many classic AKG, Telefunken, Neumann, and Sony tube microphones - namely the large diaphragm capsule, tube, and transformer - so emulating them is a simple task of shaping the frequency response to match.

Makes sense, right? When modeling microphones first appeared, we thought the concept was great, but we weren't convinced that a $50 solid state, transformerless microphone would be able to simulate a $25,000 tube, transformer-balanced microphone. In addition, once the software is removed, you're left with a cheap, solid state, transformerless microphone, which means you're paying for the software.

MiLo and the NOS12 address this issue. Even without using MiLo, the NOS12 has a similar sound and response to a classic AKG C12. MiLo simply nudges it over the finish line.

MiLo features an Intensity fader that allows you to control the amount of emulation. 0% is the NOS12, 50% is the sound of the emulated microphone, and 100% is actually beyond the sound of the emulated microphone, allowing you to explore sounds that don't currently exist. This is not a balance or mix control, it is actually controlling the intensity of the filter.

Finally, MiLo features impulse responses of classic Neve EQ settings.



System Requirements

MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) or higher

Windows 10


An internet connection for one-time authorization


Included Emulations

017 Tube






ELA M 251

ELA M 251E






1073 Preamp