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Overloud TH-U 60s Pack

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TH-U 60s Pack

Rock 'n' Roll, Psychedelic, Early Rock, British Rock, Blues and many more guitar tones in one pack!

TH-U 60's pack includes everything you need to recreate the guitar tones of the most influential artists of the 60's. Rock 'n' Roll, Psychedelic, Early Rock, British Rock, Blues and many more musical styles are included in the pack.



The pack does not require a pre-existing TH-U installation. It is a self-contained product that includes all of the TH-U editing features, including the Rig Player, the Amp Tweaks, the Tuner and the Looper.


Add-On for Owners of TH-U Full

In addition, this pack contains new amp models and effects that are not found in TH-U Full, so if you are a TH-U Full owners, you can upgrade to this pack for a discount and get all of the new models.

IMPORTANT—The Add-On can only be used if you own TH-U Full.



The pack includes 22 models selected among the most representative guitar gear of the 60's.

Six guitar amplifiers
Five speaker cabinets
Eleven effects

It also includes 36 patches designed to recreate guitar tones of the most famous songs of that decade.



Inspired by a Marshall 1959RR, this model is based on a Super Lead head with the Randy Rhoads mod. In this mod the two input stages are cascaded for additional gain. You can select Input 1 for a more traditional SLP tone, or Input 2 for the modded channel. In this second case, the VOL 1 knob acts as the standard Master Volume and the VOL 2 knob controls the additional gain. Tube models can be changed in TH-U, to extend its tone palette. The pack also includes the IRs of a 4x12" 1960AW speaker cabinet, with four G12T-75 speakers.



Inspired by the 1958 Vox AC15, this amp "started it all". Compared to the AC30, it breaks up at lower levels and offers a slightly brighter tone. Tube models can be changed in TH-U, to extend its tone palette. It includes the model of its 1x12" cabinet based on a single 12" Celestion/Vox alnico speaker.



Inspired by the 1966 Fender Super Reverb, this amp is loud, proud, and punchy. This darkface 40w amplifier includes the Bright switch, whose response changes according to the Volume settings to provide a solid and well balanced clean-to-crunchy tone. This amp is a standard found in many studios and collections! Tube models can be changed in TH-U, to extend its tone palette. It includes the model of its 4x10" speaker cabinet.



The Magnetic Delay component seeks to recreate the tone of a Binson Echorec 2, the legendary magnetic drum delay unit used by David Gilmour and by The Shadows to create sounds that were quite innovative at the time. Only magnetic (tape and drum) delays were available in the 60s, as the bucket brigade circuits didn't provide long delay times. This is a crucial effect to recreate the typical mood of that decade.



Inspired by the Maestro FZ-1 Fuzz, it was the first widely marketed guitar fuzz effect. Introduced in 1962, it became popular in 1965 after Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards prominently used it on "Satisfaction". Based on three germanium transistors, it has a very brilliant tone. The Attack knob controls the amount of fuzz and the Volume knob can be used to set how hard it drives the amplifier.



This special treble booster separately controls the total amount of boost and the amount of treble boost. This pedal is particularly useful to push saturation into amps of the 60's which, without a treble booster, may sound too muddy in the low end.



TH-U is able to load rig models created from real setups.
The Overloud proprietary technology allows our engineers to sample and capture the response of an entire rig, including the nonlinear and dynamic response of the amplifier, the cabinet, the microphones, the mic preamplifier and the room sound. Rig To Model technology allows you to capture both analog and digital setups. The Rig Player, integrated into TH-U, allows you to reproduce any nuance of the sampled rigs.


Rig Player
Amp Tweak



Thanks to its innovative dsp technology, TH-U features a new panel which allows you to change the pre and power tubes models, as well as to simulate the action of a variac. This allows you to mod any amplifier model with an almost limitless combination of tubes and opens the product to new sound capabilities.


New Models



Setting up a MIDI floorboard is as easy as clicking an element on the TH-U interface and pressing the corresponding pedal on the MIDI floorboard. TH-U learns the MIDI connection and makes it instantly available in any preset. Gigs have never been so much fun with TH-U!




TH-U offers a matrix of 4 microphones which can be placed anywhere in the3D space in front and even behind the cabinet. Just drag a microphone and place it where you want.
Change the relative distance between microphones to obtain creative phasing effects, just like you would do in a real cabinet room.
6 different room types can be selected.
The ReSPiRe 2 technology allows you to choose between the real response of the cabinet and a processed version optimized to fit into a mix and avoid frequency overlap with the other instruments.
On the bass cabinets you have a separate control over the woofer and the tweeter levels.


3D Mic



TH-U is not just an amplifier replacement. It is a creative tool which allows you to craft your personal tone and explore the boundaries of your instrument. Transform your electric guitar into an acoustic guitar, create synth-like tones with the ring modulator. Turn the guitar into an organ with the organ-tone-maker. Import any Impulse Response from third part libraries to extend the TH-U tones without limits.



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