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ProjectSAM Symphobia Volume 1 2.0

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Symphobia 1

Experience the fully updated 2.0 version of Symphobia. Get the classic and proven Symphobia sound in a brand-new interface offering a ton of new features.


Packed with top-notch multisamples and effects that could successfully undercore any on-screen event, from a minor traffic collision to the destruction of the universe.

Sound on Sound


Fully updated!

Experience the fully updated 2.0 version of Symphobia. Get the classic and proven Symphobia sound in a brand-new interface offering a ton of new features, including:

Completely new engine and spacious design
All-in-One instrument browser
Filter by instrument category and articulation
10 slot mixer to arrange and design your own Multis
Adaptive Sync for crescendos and runs
Shift and trim mapping to your liking
All-new envelopes, filters and modulators
13 new Multis


Free for existing users

Version 2.0 is a 100% update for all existing Symphobia 1 users. Even if the original was bought all the way back in 2008. Download and install your update from the Native Access application. The update requires Kontakt (Player) 6.5.3.


True ensemble recordings

Symphobia is not your traditional orchestral sample library. Instead of focusing on individual multi-samples, Symphobia offers ensemble multi-samples in numerous arrangements for orchestral sections as well as a full orchestra performing together. The reason is simple: the real thing sounds so much more powerful.


Cinematic orchestral effects

Symphobia is famous for its cinematic orchestral effects. Like the ensemble performances, the effects are available in different orchestrations, performed by different sections from the orchestra. You’ll find full orchestra rips & hits, string risers, brass clusters and woodwind textures.




Strings with brass ensemble
Recorded as ensemble

10+ ensemble articulations

Strings with brass low range

Ensemble articulations in octaves

Strings with brass ensemble effects

Textures collection
Clusters collection
Rips & glissandi

Mixed orchestra effects

Collection of premixed orchestral hits, builds & risers

String section
Recorded as ensemble, correctly seated

12+ ensemble articulations
Sul tasto strings

String section effects

Clusters collection
Wild textures
Col legno hits

String section chords

Full-range chords
Upper-range chords
Open 4ths & 5ths

Cellos & basses in octaves

3 articulations in octaves

String quintet

4 articulations

Brass section
Recorded as ensemble, correctly seated

11+ ensemble articulations

Brass combo articulations

Horns with trombones
Horns with trumpets

Trombones with tuba

3 articulations in octaves

Brass section effects

Clusters collection
Note bending effects

Woodwind section
Recorded as an ensemble, correctly seated

8+ ensemble articulations

Woodwind section effects

Clusters collection
Adlib phrases
Special effects


Processed and mangled sounds taken from the Symphobia 1 recordings

Ethnic flute phrases

Duduk phrases in Cm
Native American flute phrases
Shakuhachi effects
Uilleann pipes in D
Low whistle in D


Lost of inspiring Multis in various genres such as action, suspense and comedy.



It's a genuinely inspirational instrument and if it doesn't fill you with ideas, you're in the wrong game.


Symphobia is a very well crafted library. There is a richness to the samples generally not heard from other commercial libraries.

John Powell


Library specs

Recording locationConcert hall
Mic positions2
Audio pool size34 GB (17 GB on disk)
Audio format44.1 kHz 24 bit
Current library version2.0
Kontakt Player licenseYes
NKS supportYes
Copy protectionSerial number activation


System requirements

Kontakt version6.5.3 or higher
MacmacOS 10.13 or higher
WindowsWindows 7 or higher
Minimum CPUi5 (i7 recommended)
Minimum RAM6 GB
Supported plug-in interfacesStand-alone, VST, AU, AAX
Internet connectionRequired for activation