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Radial Dragster

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Quick Overview

Regains your guitar's full natural tone..


  • Stand-alone Drag control™ load correction
  • Pickup impedance load for wireless systems
  • Regains your guitar's full natural tone
  • Compact - lightweight aluminum construction
  • Bracket for guitar strap or pedalboard attachment


Restore the full rich tone you lose when you plug your guitar into a wireless transmitter or other types of buffered inputs like those of effects, mixers, sound cards or recorders. Dragster's exclusive Drag™ control makes passive pickups think (and sound like) they're connected directly to an amplifier input by allowing you to precisely dial in the correct amount of impedance loading. Result? Your guitar tone regains it's warmth – it feels 'right' again and your performance sounds great!

The Draster's built-in mounting flanges make it a breeze to attach to a guitar strap and it's unobtrusive size and light weight won't slow you down. Few guitar accessories offer the tremendous 'bang-for-the buck' of a Dragster. You will use it on everything.

Dragster - another creative tool to make you sound better from the tone fanatics at Radial!


Recording with the Dragster

Connect your bass or electric to the Dragster and use it to get a more natural tone when recording. This can be particularly useful if you plan to Reamp at a later stage. 


Warming up your pedal chain

The active buffers inside your pedals change the clean tone of your guitar going to your amp. The Dragster reintroduces the natural tone and feel as if connected directly to your amp by letting you adjust the load to compensate.



Using the Dragster on a wireless system

The buffer inside a wireless system is rarely optimized for a magnetic pickup. The Dragster lets you adjust the load on the pickup for a smoother more natural tone. Simply connect your guitar to the Dragster before you send the signal to the transmitter.