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Rob Papen LowSane Crazy LoFi Plugin

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Quick Overview

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Rob Papen LowSane

Welcome to the world of breaking down the digital world! Yes, in our music production world, we are proud to record on 24bit and 192kHz to provide pristine audio for music lovers.

BUT... as we are, we are keen on crushing things as well, which means that LoFi audio quality is not a side effect of cheap child toys, but has become a creative tool in today's music creation and post-audio productions! Who could have thought of that in the 80ties when everybody screamed for 16bit instead of 8bit!
Yes, humans are creative and many years later the ‘LoFi’ sound sculpting became an art of its own.

Well, LowSane adapts to this creative process and adds some additional creative options like the ‘Disrupt Sphere’ to this world of crushing down the digital bits!
If offers in the audio route a Distortion module, Band Pass / Notch Filter, Lo-Fi section, Hi and low Pass Filters, and a Noise Gate.
These parameters can be controlled by the ‘Disrupt Sphere’, and additionally there is also an Audio Follower which again can control the “Disrupt Sphere” or any of the other parameters.

Last but not least there is a 2-slot modulation matrix in which you can connect again parameters, or use MIDI to control parameters and also the ‘Disrupt Sphere’.
With LowSane you get your bits and pieces together going LoFi!




General info:

LoFi FX with additional distortion, Band Pass / Notch Filter, Hi-Pass Filter, Low-Pass Filter, and Noise Gate
Disrupt Sphere control for creating FX changes
Audio Input Follower, for controlling LowSane's parameters
GUI sizes available are 100%, 125%, 150%, and 200%


General controls:

Volume control
Edit / Original compare function
ECS (external MIDI controller setup)
Help ? opens the 'User Guide'
Control menu (upper right-hand side) with various general setting options
Dry/Wet control and Full Wet button


Preset section:

Presets are stored as files in clear categorized bank folders
'Quick Browser', 'Recently Browsed' and 'Favourite' functions


Audio route:

Distortion àBand Pass / Notch à Lo Fi à Hi-Pass Filter àLow-Pass Filter àNoise Gate àAudio Output

Amount control
On/Off control


Band Pass / Notch Filter:

12dB and 24dB Notch Filter with Q control
12dB and 24dB Band Pass Filter with Q control
Stereo Separate feature, which alters the Left and Right Cutoff Frequency
Dry/Wet control
Volume Boost control
On/Off control


Lo Fi:

Sample Rate control
Bit Rate control
Stereo Separate feature, which alters the Left and Right Sample Rate
Dry/Wet control
On/Off control


Hi-Pass Filter:

12dB Hi Pass Filter
Cutoff control
Q control
On/Off control


Low-Pass Filter:

12dB Low Pass Filter
Cutoff control
Q control
On/Off control


Noise Gate:

Threshold control
Attack time control
Hold time control
Release time control
On/Off control


Audio Follower:

Inputs available: Input, Side-input, BandPass/Notch Output, LoFi Output, HP LP Filter Output, Noise Gate Output, and the Output.
Threshold control
Smoothing control
Destination menu
Amount control
On/Off button.


Disrupt Sphere:

The Sphere-Slider holds 8 available controls that can be connected to LowSane parameters.
The Sphere-Slider can move back to the center in a tempo-based way which we call the ‘Spring’ feature.
Spring back quantize.
‘Lazy Mode’ so that the movement of the Sphere-Slider can be automated in different directions, which allows you to also create creative new types of sounds.
'Lazy Mode' start triggers: Host (music program start) | Note | Pitch Bend | Mod Wheel | Breath Controller | Foot Pedal | Expression Pedal | MIDI Controllers 16-21 84-90


MIDI & Mod 1&2:

‘MIDI & MOD 1 & 2’ control section can be used to influence various LowSane parameters including the ‘Disrupt Sphere-Slider’
2 possible sources with amount control
2 possible destinations with amount control


Back Panel:

Computer keyboard up/down
MIDI preset program change
MIDI bank change select
External MIDI control capture mode
MIDI Channel control
Screen size 100%, 125%, 150%, and 200%




PC: 64-bit VST3, AAX, & VST for Windows 7 or higher.
(Note: PC AAX for PT 12 or higher)

Mac: 64-bit AU, VST3, AAX & VST, for OS-10.13 or higher.
M1/M2 ARM processor compatible.

Serial/license system with activation while registering the product
The activation system is offline, meaning there is no direct connection between the plugin and the homepage.

The software can be installed on 2 of your computer systems.

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