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Sonalksis Creative Elements Bundle

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Download License! E-Mail Delivery!!

E-Mail Delivery!!

Enjoy endless experimentation as you add creative impact to your mixes. Intuitive and direct - the perfect companion to stimulate the most inspired moments.


Sonalksis Creative Elements Bundle includes:


TBK1 Creative Filter


The Sonalksis TBK Creative Filter is the world's first 'Adaptive Resonance' filter - an entirely new generation of filter that automatically adapts resonance and saturation characteristics according to a psychoacoustic model. It can be used for slow, gentle sweeps; massive screaming distorted sounds, and just about everything in between. Ultimately though, the TBK is simply about creativity. 


TBK is designed to be flexible enough to fulfil your needs whenever you reach for a filter, but without forcing you through a complex interface, or requiring time spent calibrating fine detail. TBK adaptively calibrates itself for you. So whether you want a filter to correct a sound, to make a sonic statement, or to create something completely new, you can achieve what you want directly and with minimal effort.


TBK2 Digital Grimebox


The Sonalksis TBK2 Digital Grimebox, is a creative sonic degradation plug-in. The Grimebox lets you play with some uniquely brutal but creative effects, and is specially adapted to allow automatable degradation. Many sonic degradation effects are not suited to real-time automation as they are incapable of a smooth transition in the audio degeneration, unlike the TBK2 which was designed with this in mind. TBK2 is comprised of a bitcrusher, a downsampler, an adaptive bias and distortion algorithm, and a low pass filter.


TBK3 Uber Compressor


The Sonalksis TBK3 Uber Compressor is a dynamics processor unlike any other. Beneath its simple interface lies a radical analogue modelled compressor that can be pushed much further and harder than you ever imagined possible, due to a unique digital manipulation of the modelled circuits.


In essence the TBK3 is analogue compression taken to the extreme, mashed up to a level impossible to achieve in physical reality.


Subtlety is definitely not a feature of this compressor!