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Sonalksis Essentials MK2 Bundle - Download License

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Sonalksis Essentials MK2 Bundle

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Download License! E-Mail Delivery!!

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Sonalksis Essentials MK2 Bundle includes:

SC-315 MK2 Compressor/Limiter

The Sonalksis SV-315 Compressor employs physical modelling technology to provide a classic compressor/limiter with true analogue characteristics. Whether you want to gently smooth a vocal, totally crush some drums, or compress an entire mix, this processor will do it with superior polish. and imparts classic character on programme material through its essentially analogue design.

The SV-315 is tremendously flexible, providing access to parameters not usually available on typical compressors. For example not only is the compression 'knee' definable, but a unique 'crush' parameter effectively restricts the amount of compression available, subtly allowing certain transients to escape for a more dynamic sound. Furthermore the selectable attack/release circuits have an 'auto' mode modelled on both classic and contemporary units, but with the addition of a unique 'hold' parameter which can be used to further refine the transparency (or otherwise) of operation.

SV-517 MK2 Equalizer

The Sonalksis SV-517 EQ is a seven band 'true analogue' equaliser. Choose from a variety of filter styles, modelling many classic and contemporary analogue responses. Whether you need to add some air to a vocal track, or sweeten an entire mix, the SV-517 EQ is massively flexible, making it suitable for both mixing and mastering environments.

The SV-517 EQ is not an 'esoteric' processor, rather it aspires to the highest quality ideals. As part of the 'SV' range of products from Sonalksis, it follows a design philosophy that aims to maintain traditional analogue processing qualities. Some of the filter circuits are attentively modelled from traditional analogue designs while others are completely new and unique offerings, but by bringing the technology into the digital domain you can simply select the style of filter most appropriate for your programme material.

SV-719 Analogue Gate/Expander

The Sonalksis SV-719 is an multi-function expander processor modelled on vintage expander circuits. Whether you want a classic gated drum effect, or are trying to tame a dynamic bass line, the 'true analogue' SV-719 will give noticeably more traditional results. While a gate is not usually the most inspiring of audio processors, typical 'digital' gates sound very different to analogue units due to the subtleties of the way the gate opens and closes, so to achieve certain sounds - like a tight classic 'disco' drumbeat - an analogue style gate is the only way forward.

The SV-719 is among the most extensively featured gate/expanders available. With external side-chain inputs, multiple band side-chain filtering, midi triggering capability, and independent left/right channel triggering possibilities, you are unlikely to ever require more from a gate. In addition there is also a Ducking mode, and a hybrid analogue/digital signal path allows look-ahead processing for extra flexibility.