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Sonalksis MaxLimit Maximizing Limiter - Download License

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Sonalksis MaxLimit Maximizing Limiter

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Download License! E-Mail Delivery!!

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MaxLimit is a program maximising limiter for when you need to push your material a little further, but without destroying the dynamics. A unique 'smoothing' feature allows you to balance transparency with maximisation.

Brick-wall limiting is a ubiquitous process in the age of digital audio. Initially developed purely for practical purposes to prevent digital overload. It has in recent years been widely used for volume maximising purposes, to give the audio greater impact during the final mastering phase. This power maximisation process can however destroy the mix dynamic, creating a fatiguing sound. 

This unique 'smoothing' feature in MaxLimit gives you the ability to define the density of maximisation, which gives the processor greater subtlety and flexibility than typical digital limiters. Using this feature, you can maximise the power of your mixes, while maintaining the dynamic 'punch'.

Most limiters intended for brick-wall limiting are designed either with transparency or with power maximisation in mind, as it is naturally difficult to achieve both at the same time. MaxLimit however introduces a unique 'smoothing' feature to allow direct control over the balance between transparency and maximisation. This enables subtle regulation of the 'pressure' that the limiter exerts on the audio.

Although MaxLimit is primarily intended for mastering purposes, it can be used for a much broader range of applications. The 'smoothing' feature, coupled with the inclusion of an analogue modelled 'Clip' option, makes it conceivably very useful for general tracking situations too, not just to tame the extremities of highly dynamic audio, but also to add character to a track.

Main Features:

  • Simple and direct interface

  • Unique 'Smooth' parameter balances transparency and volume maximisation

  • True analogue 'Clip' option for more creative use

  • Automatic Release option allows for program dependent release times

  • Mono version included for general tracking use

  • Display and Control preferences

  • Up to 192 kHz support

  • 64bit floating point precision internal processing throughout

  • Ultra efficient processing, with specific optimisations for all native processors