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Sound Magic Ruby Grand

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Quick Overview


Worldwide Flair with Personal Charm

Providing us with the now famous Yamaha C7 sound, the Ruby Grand has appeared on some of the most famous concert stages, international competitions and prestigious music events throughout the world. We’ve successfully capture the mellow sustain, beautiful tones, and unique timbre quality originally crafted into the Ruby Grand’s 1972 ivory keys through our Neo Piano Hybrid Modelling Engine. Find the right sound for pop, jazz or swing thanks to the restored sound of this one-of-a-kind piano.

Historic Sounds Recapture in Rich, Warm Sound

The Ruby Grand is designed with our custom-built Neo Piano Hybrid DFD/RAM system and optimized carefully to each piano. We’ve created a unique experience that allows you to enjoy authentic sample sounds with the playability of a modelled piano, allowing you to experience the piano like never before.


Multi-Dimension Resonance Engine

A major breakthrough in our Neo Piano is the resonance engine. Every Grand Piano has a very large soundboard which reflects sound that resonates along with the piano’s wood body—this is a continuous process and makes every note sound unique.

In order to simulate this behavior, we captured multi angle IRs from the soundboard, then use modeling technology to convert those IRs into Resonance Engine Algorithms. The result is an amazing concert hall sound reproduction full of life.

This is enhanced even further with absolute control over 40 unique piano aspects. You’ll have the ability to lift the lid, alter the dampers, change the velocity response, apply a ‘style’ or resonance, adjust the player/audience perspective, and so much more.


Here are a few ways the NEO Piano Engine captures the perfect sounds for clarity and precision:

Recreates ethereal harmonic changes
Generates subtle sympathetic resonances based on notes being played.
Reproduces string interactions and recreating the “soul” of real instruments.
Automatically evolves by reproducing interaction between swings.
Minimizes glitches and pops with superior DFD performance.
User-defined damping system emulates real damper based on “tight” or “loose” piano play.


Enhanced Sound Customization

Our totally redesigned Neo Piano engine strikes a balance of DFD and RAM samples to optimize performance and keep sound quality at its peak; the core of which evaluates a MIDI track for live stage performances and removes OS interference which is perfect for modern computers.


Style Designer

This special function allows you to quickly and easily set the piano’s musical style, be it pop, jazz, rock, classical or soft, to change several internal parametric.


Artificial Intelligence Tools

Check the response of your keyboard and pedals by finding your ideal velocity response curve, including:

Testing keyboard's velocity response.
Testing pedal support and half pedaling support.
Monitoring the input states of the piano.


Scala Tuning System

Experience different tunings on your piano with more than 4,000 tunings.


Multi GUI Versions

Experience different GUi versions for different usage, depending on space, actions and flexibility.


Powerful Add-on System

The add-on system lets musicians tune tools for precision and flexibility, including:

Neo EQ: Pitch Tracking EQ
Neo DynaMaster: All Powerful Dynamic Processor
Neo MasterTool: Multi Process Mastering System
Vocalist: Unique Vocal Processing
Neo Reverb: Hybrid Reverb Unit


Expand Your Musical Capabilities with a Dynamic Piano Engine Software

This is your opportunity to create deeper, richer Yamaha sounds just like the original pianos themselves. Get our Ruby Grand today and truly enhance your ability to create beautiful, unforgettable sounds.

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