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Starr Labs AirPower2

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Quick Overview

Now 2-way Bi-directional operation supports any and all past, present, and future MIDI equipped devices wirelessly!

Now 2-way Bi-directional operation supports any and all past, present, and future MIDI equipped devices wirelessly! Also, power your MIDI keyboard or other MIDI device with the AirPak wireless DC adapter.The AirPower MIDI transmitter operates in the 2.4GHz range, giving the instrument an unobstructed range of 300 feet. In contrast to other MIDI wireless transceivers, the Starr Labs MIDI Wireless has excellent dropout protection and recovery in settings where obstructions and reflections are a problem.

The AirPower system is designed to recover from momentary dropouts in transmission without stuck notes or shutting off notes needlessly. Other MIDI wireless links will often leave notes hanging if the link goes down before a Note-Off message can be sent. Often the link only drops out for a small fraction of a second. Older, low-cost MIDI wireless systems were put on the market before the systems were tested for solid functionality and spoiled players' opinion of MIDI wireless in general. They used inferior radio technology and ignored the need for error-recovery.

That’s not a problem with the AirPower wireless system. Sixteen user-selectable channels are available, spaced across the available 2.4GHz band to allow several AirPower links to operate on the same stage. The AirPower receiver is equipped with both MIDI and USB output for direct connection to PC or Mac. Both USB and MIDI outputs can be used simultaneously.

The AirPower MIDI Wireless Solution is well suited to embed inside MIDI keyboards and battery-powered MIDI guitars such as our Ztar MIDI controllers. If you're usig a Starr Labs Clipper LightBar controller, the LEDs can also be run wirelessly from a host computer while you're playing!

For complete wireless operation, the Airpower MIDI Wireless Solution offers a 9V rechargeable battery pack that can be worn on a belt clip, attached to a guitar strap, or adhered to your keyboard or percussion controller. The battery pack may be fitted with a standard DC plug to replace a 9 Volt wall wart, or a MIDI connector to provide phantom power to the controller.

Here is a comment from a recent customer:
 " So much for getting a jump on the manual for the Air-Power wireless system. It arrived today! This system is AMAZING! The system performs flawlessly in my studio, no matter how much data I throw at it with pitch-bend, modulation and five fingered playing using a Roland Synth Ax driving a synth rack module. I was blown away when I walked out of my studio and into other rooms, separated by three robust interior walls from the receiver, and still have a positive link! Bravo Starr Labs!" 

Power Sources:

  • 2.4 gHz carrier
  • 2 Mbps on-air data rate
  • 16 selectable data channels
  • LED indicators: Power, Link, MIDI activity
  • Connections: MIDI DIN-5, USB 2.0
  • 250 feet line of sight transmission distance
  • Note-Off error recovery

Power Sources:

  • (2) AA batteries, 12 hours
  • 9V DC input
  • USB 2.0

AirPower2 MIDI wireless makes full portability a reality for these instruments:

  • Wind instruments: Ewi, Yamaha WX series
  • Keytar: Roland AX series, Yamaha K series, Korg
  • Kitara, YRG, other MIDI guitars
  • DJ MIDI Controllers

AirPak 1800 Battery Option: The optional AirPak 1800 high capacity Li-Ion will take your performace to the next level. The AirPak 1800 battery can power any wall wart 9-12 V device for up to 5 hours of totally wireless freedom. Totally FREE yourself to the next level!! 

The AirPower2 MIDI Wireless Solution offers a low cost wireless solution with a solid no-dropout communication link that you might expect to find only in transceivers costing twice as much. Lead time for orders is 2 weeks.

AirPower MIDI Wireless Solution

  • Transmitter
  • Receiver
  • Accepts (2) AA batteries - not included
  • AC adapter
  • Mini USB
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