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Surreal Amplification 6V6 Convertible Amp Head

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Quick Overview

Tight low end and hassle-free gain is yours for the taking...

Surreal 6V6 Convertible

A unique rewire of a classic circuit and the addition of one more tube gain stage gives the user two amps in one. Based on the classic 1959 Tweed Deluxe circuit, plugging into the input on the front gives you all the big and bold cleans of its mentor. The two channels are internally jumped with push-pull pots so you can customize your tone with two different bright caps or even none at all.

The 6V6 Convertible breaks up beautifully around the halfway mark. Mixing and matching the two channels behaves similarly to the old non-master volume Marshall amps: bring in the fuller channel to get your basic tone going and then fill in the highs with the brighter channel. Complete control and the versatility of many classic tones and then some.

To expand a little on the classic amp it’s modeled after, we have included a master volume on the 6V6 Convertible that is completely out of the circuit when maxed. You can use this for additional tones and gain choices but ideally it is intended for running the amp in hot mode (discussed below).

Plugging into the rear input unleashes an additional gain stage, taking this classic into the hot rod realm. Thick sustain and touch sensitive blooming effects are obtained with little effort. A lot of time and effort has gone into creating a usable higher gain 6V6-based amp. Many times boosting a Tweed circuit results in a lot of low end flub. Not here. Tight low end and hassle-free gain is yours for the taking.

The purpose of the 6V6 convertible is “many features with minimal controls”. 2 6V6 power tubes and 3 12AX7 preamp tubes. You’re encouraged to try all your old NOS tubes on this amp, it truly shines with old Mullards and such. Surreal Amplification remains committed to providing you with a quality amp at a reasonable price.