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Synchro Arts RePitch Elements

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RePitch elements




Powerful, easy to use and exceptionally transparent, RePitch elements sets a new standard for vocal pitch editing tools. Instantly snap vocal tracks to any scale or make forensic pitch, timing or vibrato changes in seconds. You can even connect RePitch elements to VocAlign Ultra for simultaneous tuning of multiple vocal layers, saving hours of manual work.


Tuning you can't hear


RePitch elements meets the challenge of getting perfectly tuned vocals that don’t sound processed or doctored, so flaws and imperfections can be removed without compromising the feel or vibe of the performance.

Powered by our advanced musical note detection technology, RePitch elements’s instant automatic pitch correction can be applied in seconds. If you need more detailed editing, just fire up the suite of manual tools for fine tuning and tweaking.

A completely unique feature, RePitch elements uses our SynchroLink technology to connect to our alignment plugin VocAlign Ultra, so any pitch and timing changes can be instantly transferred to multiple doubles in real time, saving hours of editing.

Developed with the uncompromising input of Grammy-winning producers and engineers from all over the world, RePitch elements makes vocal pitch and timing correction quicker, easier and more transparent than ever before.


RePitch elements Main Features



  • Enhanced musical pitch analysis
  • Powerful suite of intuitive pitch and time editing tools
  • Easy automatic or detailed manual correction options
  • Edit pitch, sibilance and breaths separately
  • Formant shifting
  • Scale detection
  • Fully resizable GUI window
  • SynchroLink enabled for connectivity with VocAlign
  • Two activations included with each license
  • All iLok Copy Protection options supported (no iLok USB dongle needed)
  • Full ARA2 (Audio Random Access) support for enhanced workflow with compatible DAWs
  • Get any paid upgrades for free in the first 6 months


Here's what top producers and audio professionals say about RePitch elements


Mike Avenaim


RePitch elements is easy to use, sounds great and doesn’t stunt the creative flow. What more could you want!?

Mike Avenaim
Producer / Mixer (Lil Nas X, Tori Kelly, Scott Weiland)


Alan Branch


Great vocal production can be a combination of natural pitch, timing & performance, RePitch elements helps achieve it all in one simple plugin!

Alan Branch
Grammy-Award Winning Producer / Mixer (U2, The Cure, Jeff Beck)


Lael Goldberg


Synchro Arts have done it again! This bit of kit is so intuitive and thought out. Seems like there’s a new go-to pitch editor on the block. 

Lael Goldberg
Producer (Little Mix, Rita Ora, Niall Horan)


Matt Taylor


Unlike other pitch editing software, it only processes the signal when it needs to meaning I get very transparent with no artefacts. It's game-changing!

Matt Taylor
Engineer (Frank Turner, Amy Wadge)





Enhanced musical pitch analysis

Drawing on over 25 years of vocal processing expertise, RePitch elements identifies notes in your vocal based on the fundamental principles of human pitch perception. We think you’ll be amazed at how incredibly natural and ‘undoctored’ RePitch elements’s processing sounds, even with the most extreme edits.



Powerful tuning and time editing tools

While RePitch elements makes it possible to instantly correct the pitch of an entire vocal track, it also has a comprehensive suite of intuitive editing tools for fine tuning and tweaking a performance. So you can take command of pitch, timing, vibrato, formants, sibilance and more, with a slick, intuitive workflow that never gets in your way.



SynchroLink enabled for VocAlign Ultra connectivity

Thanks to our brand-new proprietary SynchroLink technology, you can connect RePitch elements to our industry standard VocAlign Ultra plug-in, for instant transfer of pitch and timing edits to double tracks, background vocals and more. An industry-first workflow that can save many hours of laborious manual editing and enable creative exploration.



Edit pitch, sibilance and breaths separately

As RePitch elements processes pitched and non-pitched note sections separately, this makes it simple to deal with problem sibilants, consonants and breath noises quickly and easily. In addition, as non-pitched elements never get tuned with the rest of your vocal, your end result will sound more natural and transparent.



Scale Detection

Once your vocal is successfully loaded, RePitch elements will analyse the pitches within the signal and suggest the most likely scale. This makes it possible to snap all the notes in your performance to the detected scale making tuning faster and easier than ever. It's also possible to manually set to any scale if needed.



Fully Resizable GUI

We understand your screen real-estate is valuable so RePitch elements can be reduced to down to a compact size just showing the key controls for operation. With a completely resizable GUI, RePitch elements can be as big or as small as you need to be, depending on which controls you need to see.



Full ARA2 Integration With Compatible DAWs

ARA, or Audio Random Access, is a revolutionary audio plug-in extension that enables unprecedented instant communication between ARA-enabled plug-ins and DAWs. The huge time-saving benefit for RePitch elements users is that real-time audio capture is no longer necessary as audio files can be instantly captured, updated and returned to your DAW.


More Great Features in RePitch elements....



Two Activations With Every License

Each purchase of RePitch elements comes with two activations so you have more flexibility when it comes to using our software. For example if you have a studio computer and a laptop, both machines can now be activated using iLok.



All iLok Copy Protection options supported (no iLok USB dongle needed)

With RePitch elements you can store your license on your computer, your iLok USB key or in the iLok Cloud. This enables you to log into your iLok account from any location and access your license.


System Requirements



  • Intel Processors and Apple Silicon
  • macOS 10.11.6 or higher
  • Audio File Format: As supported by host editor
  • Works with all Pro Tools hardware


Supported DAWs include

  • Pro Tools 2020.5 to 2021.12
  • Logic Pro X 10.7.3 to 10.7.4
  • Ableton Live 11.1.1
  • Studio One Professional 5.4 to
  • Cubase Pro 12.0.40
  • LUNA
  • Reaper 6.51 to 6.66
  • Nuendo 12.0.40



  • Windows 10
  • Audio File Format: As supported by host editor
  • Works with all Pro Tools hardware


Supported DAWs include

  • Pro Tools 2022.6
  • Ableton Live 10.1.35 to 11.1
  • Studio One Professional
  • FL Studio
  • Cubase Pro 12.0.40
  • Reaper 6.51


Logic Pro requires version 10.7.3 or later running in Rosetta mode

ARA support for Cubase requires verison - 12.0.40

ARA support for Nuendo requires verison - 12.0.40

Our products are only supported for DAW and Operating System versions that are supported by the DAWs manufacturer.