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TC Electronic BG500 115 Bass Combo Amp

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Quick Overview

Bass combos beyond conventional!

We started the bass amp 2.0 revolution with the award winning RH450 bass amp, but it's far from over! So, join the revolution as bass amp 2.0 continues with two combos that combine tons of raw power with stunning tone shaping tools and an impressive list of unconventional features. Meet BG500 115 and BG500 210. Get ready to plug, play and groove.

BG500 shares many features with the original RH450 which has already changed the way many bass players have come to think of amplification. Just ask Rocco Prestia of Tower of Power who made his very own version: Staccato'51.

The powerful 500 Watt amps in the two models are identical and both have 1" Eminence tweeters, but you can choose from either 2x10" or 1x15" Eminence driver configurations.


A conventional compressor tends to be dominated by the lower string, but with SpectraComp™, which is taken directly from the original RH450, you virtually get ‘per string’ multi-band compression that evens out the compression across all strings. The result is that your sound gets compressed in a much more musical and useful way than any single-band compressor would be able to deliver.


The TubeTone™ effect was originally introduced on RH450. Most transistor designs have tried to replicate tube sound using one small preamp tube, but they generally fail as they don’t take the crucial characteristics of a full preamp and power amp into account – both of which are essential to the sound. TubeTone™ emulates all characteristics to deliver the full tube sound.


OK, BG500 will not memorize your chords or riffs, but it will store three of your favorite tones. You may not have used presets before, but that’s only because you’ve never had the chance! For instance, if you use different basses on stage, you know that a few user memories would be welcome. With great sounding bass tones and seamless switching between them, you will be able to focus on the important thing – playing!

Built-in bass tuner

Every once in a while, you need to tune up, and whenever that happens, just let the built-in tuner guide you. It’s simple, it lets you tune silently, and it gets you back to playing music in no time.


The tweeter control is usually located on the rear side of the cabinet, but on the BG500 you can simply adjust the tweeter level right from the front panel. Further, the sound also gets modified slightly with filters giving you a much more intelligent control over the critical high frequencies.

Tone Controls

EQ is always a bass essential, so we have equipped the BG500 series with a great sounding, 4-band EQ which is great for shaping your fundamental tone. Further, with two contour filters you can scoop the mid-frequencies a bit. Think of this feature as a kind of instant EQ that can create warm and smooth tones on demand.


Just plug and play! And for rehearsing or jamming along you can connect external devices to AUX IN. If you don’t want to disturb the neighbors, plug in your headphones and the drivers will be muted automatically. Finally, you can send a signal to a sound-engineer via the balanced XLR output – or to an audio interface if you are recording.