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TC Electronic TC-Helicon VoiceWorks Plus Vocal Processor

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TC Electronic TC-Helicon VoiceWorks Plus Vocal Processor

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Quick Overview

Advanced Vocal Processing for Stage and Studio

VoiceWorksPlus has all of the features you need to make your vocals shine brighter. It continues on from the success of its predecessor, VoiceWorks, with an updated feature list including 4th generation TC-Helicon harmony technology, Voice Modeling™, and the Transducer and ìMod (micromod) blocks from VoicePro.

The quiet Burr Brown-based mic preamp, transparent pitch correction, TC Electronic reverb, delay and dynamics algorithms from VoiceWorks round out its capabilities. Whether you're playing live gigs with a MIDI sequencer for backup or recording songs in your studio, VoiceWorksPlus offers high quality vocal processing options and advancements allowing you to realize the perfect vocal sound you’re looking for.


  • Interchangeable voice modeling or harmony

  • Advanced harmony humanization and control

  • Individually-adjustable harmony voice gender

  • Megaphone effects with high Q band limiting

  • Distortion

  • Chorus

  • Microtuning

  • Flange with pitch feedback

  • Pitch correction

  • Reverb

  • Delay with tap tempo

  • Compressor

  • De-Ess

  • 3 band EQ

  • Gate

  • Footswitch or volume pedal control

  • Burr Brown mic preamp with phantom power for condenser mics

  • Stereo or mono output


  • Engage voice modeling to instantly transform your voice so you can emulate popular singers or create special characters

  • Create a virtual harmony backup group from only your voice to increase the impact of your live bands and recordings

  • Use modern-sounding distortion and megaphone effects in your songs

  • Layer the various blocks to create wild, attention-getting vocal special FX

  • Add overall polish to your vocals with compression and tasty EQ processing

  • Fine tune the pitch of your performance with scale-based pitch correction

Like most TC-Helicon products, VoiceWorksPlus has a FREE dedicated editor for PC and Mac

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