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TC-Helicon VoiceDoubler - TDM

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Quick Overview

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Instant Humanized Doubling for Pro Tools™ HD and PowerCore.
Doubling a chorus hook, an important lyric, or the whole outro can now be done instantly without the tedium of matching performances and multitracking a human singer.

VoiceDoubler trancends mere detuned and delayed track copies by manipulating time and pitch in your choice of fine or large increments. Everything from a mono lead + double to huge stereo lead + four doubles sounds like you took the time to painstakingly build it yourself through multitracking. Things really start to happen when you run multiple instances of VoiceDoubler. Got three vocal tracks? Make it a quick twelve by running an instance of VoiceDoubler on each track giving you thickness you can chew on. Want a mixed group vocal? Send to multiple VoiceDoubler instances from a single track and choose mixed genders, up and down octaves and different humanization styles.

Doubling vocals used to be time-consuming and difficult. VoiceDoubler PowerCore/TDM puts that in the past.

Main Features:
  • Instant unison stacking of a single vocal track with up to four additional overdub voices
  • Realistic pitch contours cleverly emulate live doubled vocals
  • Offers creative emulations of time-consuming overdub vocal parts
  • Unison, octave up and octave down shifts selectable
  • Overdub voices can sound like the same singer or different singers
  • Additional uMod (micromod) block producing microtune and chorus-type doubling can be layered with overdub voices
  • Instant auditioning and editing of the effects
  • Easy editing with convenient master controls, styles or individual parameters
  • Each voice can be edited separately for timing, pitch, gender and more
  • TC-Helicon’s leading edge pitch shift technology yields superior tracks