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TC-Helicon Voicelive

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Quick Overview

As a performing musician you strive to assemble the right mix of gear to make your performances shine - but what about your voice? In the studio you polish your vocals to perfection using EQ, compression, pitch correction, harmonies and effects. VoiceLive brings your signature vocal sound on the road, putting your studio voice tools at your feet.

A Complete Signal Processing Path

Mic Preamp > VOS analog limiter > 3 band EQ > compressor > pitch correction > lead voice thickening > harmony > delay > reverb

Performance Control Options

You can easily run VoiceLive from a standing position with its eight footswitches. These allow you to scroll up and down through the presets, activate and mute harmony, turn bypass on and off, switch to Song mode and then step through a sequence, switch to Direct mode and jump between four favorite presets and finally, activate the function assigned to the User button.

A Tweaker's Delight

There is an extensive editing interface that allows you to adjust right down to the microscopic level if you desire to. Each harmony voice has its own adjustments as do the reverb and delay, pitch correction etc. There’s even a specially designed free editor program for PC and Mac that brings all of the parameters to your computer for a more visual editing experience.

Singing In Harmony

VoiceLive can produce harmony from your voice that will complete your band’s sound and create excitement. There are several ways to guide VoiceLive’s virtual voices so that the notes they sing fit your songs. The dedicated footswitches are always available so you can enter the key and scale of your song if you haven’t already programmed it into your presets. MIDI can be used whether it’s sent from a keyboard or from a MIDIfile and a computer DAW program, to execute precisely controlled harmony parts.

The Human Touch

Humanization settings allow you to determine whether the virtual harmony voices follow you in absolute precision or with slight imperfections in timing and pitch accuracy. Each voice even has its own vibrato and gender settings so you can define your backup group.

Major Special Vocal Effects

With its combination of wide pitch shifting (+/- 2 octaves), multiple voices and gender shifting, VoiceLive will transform your voice into something or someone you’ve never heard before. A wide range of SFX presets have been programmed into VoiceLive to give you a taste of its capabilities so you can proceed on your own into uncharted territory.

Main Features:

  • Get a complete vocal sound from a signal path that typically takes up five rack spaces.
  • Clipping is not a concern - the integrated VOSTM Limiter will protect your sound from distorting.
  • Solo artists can mix their vocal and instrument sound, as well as add effects using the dedicated instrument input.
  • Easy to use and flexible operation - step through various features such as presets, key, scale and an advanced song mode.
  • I/O designed for live setup, including a mic-thru output for easy integration with front of house consoles.
  • Studio-quality mic preamp with 48V phantom power.
  • Mechanical construction that can stand up to the rigors of the road.