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TC-Helicon VoiceOne

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Quick Overview

The TC-Helicon VoiceOne is designed for the creative producer/engineer who wants to create fresh, innovative, outstanding vocal tracks. We believe VoiceOne has the best quality voice shifting of any product - realtime or nonrealtime - and this combines with our award-winning VoiceModelingTM technology (now in its second generation) to make VoiceOne an amazing vocal creativity tool.

At its core, VoiceOne is built around a newly developed, vocal-trained pitch-recognition algorithm - an industry first. Its superior pitch recognition supports all of the following features:

* Four kinds of voice pitch shifting:

In the PureShift, full-DSP mode, you can shift using Instrumental, Formant Corrected, and HybridShift(TM) (set the percentage of instrument vs. formant corrected). In the regular operating mode, all shifting is done through the VoiceModelingTM section. It's useful having all of these options depending on the kind of voice you are working with and the sound you want.

* FlexTime (TM) time elasticity algorithm.

This allows you to control vocal phrase stretching/shrinking either directly or automatically, with up to 500ms of freedom. For example, the VoiceOne can be used to take a sustained vowel and sustain it longer than the singer does, then gradually reduce the delay in the phrase as time goes on in order to catch up with the singer - super for doubling or rephrasing.

* Second generation VoiceModelingTM.

Enhance or even transform vocals using algorithms which include Vibrato, Breath, Growl/Rasp, Inflection, Spectral and Resonance.

* Advanced pitch correction and Repitching.

VoiceOne offers advanced automatic and manual forms of pitch correction, however, it goes much further by allowing you full control to repitch melodies to any pitch.

* Intelligent harmonization algorithms.

Naturally you can control it via MIDI, by internal scale, or custom write your own scale. The sonic quality of the shifted voice is outstanding. In combination with modeling you can create amazing backing vocals.

* Pitch to MIDI conversion.

* Full MIDI implementation.

* 100 Factory and 50 User presets.

* Full DSP, 'PureShift' mode for low latency/extended performance.