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TC Jauernig DGTM Diabolical Gristle Tone Manipulator Pedal

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Quick Overview

 THE DIABOLICAL GRISTLE TONE MANIPULATOR  The DGTM is not your typical Overdrive. Inspired by the savage auditory pummeling of Greg Koch, and some delicious tone factions from B...



The DGTM is not your typical Overdrive. Inspired by the savage auditory pummeling of Greg Koch, and some delicious tone factions from Brian Wampler, the DGTM brings forth a distinctive overdrive that will satisfy many a overdrive connoisseurs palate. From vintage crunch, to modern tweak. it's in there. 




GRISTLE: Use this control to dial in the amount tasty saturation desired. 


TONE: Adjust the edges of your tone from smooth to crispy here. 


GRAVY: Pour on the Gravy. Adjust the volume of your signal here. 


TOGGLE SWITCH: Toggle to the right for a vintage voiced crunchy helping of the sonic main course. Toggle to the left for a more compressed gain wrought onslaught. 



Completely Hand Built 

True Bypass 

2 Distinctive Modes 

Battery, or External Power Supply 

Low Current Consumption 

Blue LED 

AND....Tone, Tone, Tone! 


Greg Koch had this to say about the DGTM:


When my old college pal Tim Jauernig approached me a year ago with his pedal the Luxury Drive, I took it, and gave it "what for" with the new Fender '59 Bassman and it sounded absolutely butane as it gave a clean boost that magnified the tone ten-fold from it's already succulent, 

sonic, starting point. When Tim told me he had an overdrive pedal that would want to make me melt my Tube Screamer into some kind of marital aid in comparison, I responded with a pathetic, contemporary maxim used 

by the legions of perplexed miscreants feigning emboldenment..... "bring it on." This pedal is the Diabolical Gristle Tone Manipulator. I was tickled pink that Tim should dedicate a pedal to me and used my 

twisted speak to describe it's attributes and controls. Especially as this pedal leaves all other overdrives I have ever used in the dust. GIRTH, smooth girth, Phat City, if you will, is achieved even at lower volumes where other pedals sound like "ass". It functions like a Tube 

Screamer in terms of controls but is so much more creamy and non-abrasive sounding. The toggle switch on the pedal either gives you a standard vintage-type overdrive ala the Tube Screamer or a more higher gain overdrive (for the kids). This thing in front of any old Fender amp or vintage reissue will rule beyond words. Goodbye Tube 

Screamer, goodbye Fulldrive II, you were delish but now you're through, the DGTM is in town.