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Toontrack Amps EZmix Pack

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Amps EZmix Pack

For the Amps EZmix Pack, we dove headfirst into the vaults of the the last few decades of guitar inspired music and came back out with a complete songwriting toolbox for anything from rock and blues to pop and country guitar. Need an 80s "Purple Rain"-esque sound? Call it up. Want a gritty twang guitar? Call it up. A soaring lead sound, a bluesy rhythm guitar or a fat rock bass? Call it up - it's all in there with the other 50 pro-designed signal chains based on guitar/bass amp/cab simulation including effects and stomp box processing.

• Classic sounds starting from the 50s Tweed amps leading up to the modern day hi-tech variations
• Emulations of some of the most recorded and recognized tube amps
• British and American tube amp modeling
• Sparkly clean and saturated hi-gain
• Classic retro and modern industry standard speakers and cabinets
• Emulations of some of the most renowned stomp boxes
• Complete studio setup signal chains run through outboard, FX and stomp box emulations

50 amps at your fingertips! Plug in. Rock out.

Amps EZmix Pack - product details


Bass Stack 412BassAmplifier
Chorus Bass 810BassAmplifier
Firm BassBassAmplifier
Mr Bass 135 HeadBassAmplifier
Overdrive 810BassAmplifier
Rock Stack 810BassAmplifier
Round BassBassAmplifier
Thumb BassBassAmplifier
Agent SevenGuitar ElectricAmplifier
AlleycatGuitar ElectricAmplifier
American Twang OD ComboGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Another BrickwallGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Blues RoomGuitar ElectricAmplifier
British Lead ComboGuitar ElectricAmplifier
CashGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Clean British ComboGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Clean Country PhaseGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Clean Spring ComboGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Clean Studio AmpGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Clean UK StackGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Crunchy Slapback ComboGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Delay LeadGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Dual Rock da Fire 212Guitar ElectricAmplifier
Fast FuryGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Fat Stage RigGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Flange DriveGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Gritty TremoloGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Honey or NothingGuitar ElectricAmplifier
In the Name of DelayGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Jangly CleanGuitar ElectricAmplifier
KeefGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Lilac RainGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Octave LeadGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Phaser LizzardGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Plain GainGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Plexi Head 410Guitar ElectricAmplifier
Quacky StratGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Rolling FuzzGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Roto LeadGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Slight ReturnGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Snappy ChorusGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Sparkly CrunchGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Sultans TwinGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Talkin 'bout LoveGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Tremo-Tweed ReverbGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Tres HombresGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Two Mountain TopsGuitar ElectricAmplifier
UK Vintage HeadGuitar ElectricAmplifier
WahGuitar ElectricAmplifier
WastelandGuitar ElectricAmplifier