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Toontrack Dream Pop EZX For EZdrummer

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Quick Overview

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SOUNDS LIKE A DREAM. Nature meets technology in a truly unique sonic panorama, tailored for modern music production.

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The Dream Pop EZX presents a truly unique fusion of organic and electronic percussion that bridges the gap between nature and technology. A sonic panorama where wood meets metal, man battles machine and complex textures of modular synthesis clash with the crude, unfiltered tone of nature. This is the perfect canvas for ethereal soundscapes and contemporary music where you let your own creativity be the primary architect.

All in all, the Dream Pop EZX comes with 29 preset drum kits made up by a total of close to 250 individual percussive sounds. In addition to traditional acoustic drums and classic drum machine sounds, you’ll find completely new hybrids and textured percussive foley sampled from a rich variety of elements. Get creative renditions of stomps, claps, snares and kicks – but also, a set of chromatic pad-like sounds as well as a collection of ever-changing filter loops run through a modular system.

The Dream Pop EZX is the culmination of when cutting-edge sound design comes to a head with convention and creates something entirely new. Start making the drum tracks of your wildest dreams. Literally.



• Produced by Addeboy vs. Cliff (Say Lou Lou, Roxette) and Mattias Eklund (Toontrack)
• Acoustic drums and classic drum machine sounds
• Percussive foley sampled from a rich variety of elements
• Close to 250 instruments in total
• 29 preset kits
• A selection of MIDI grooves included



The Dream Pop EZX combines acoustic drums and classic machines with creative percussion elements, all honed and shaped with cutting-edge sound design to never-before-heard drum kit hybrids, tailored for modern music-making.



Real drums, multi-sampled in classic Toontrack fashion – mixed, matched and layered to contemporary hybrids.


Classic drum machine sounds and all-new percussive tones built from the ground up in a modular system.


An extensive set of percussive and sound effect-like sounds recorded from various natural elements – wood, water, gravel, branches, claps and stomps, to name a few.


With the chromatic soundscapes of ambient, ethereal synth-like pads, the Dream Pop EZX goes beyond the traditional definition of drums and percussion – this is a multi-instrument.



Helmed by the creative duo of Addeboy vs. Cliff, the Dream Pop EZX was produced in collaboration with Toontrack’s head of Sound Design, Mattias Eklund, at his private studio in the archipelago of northern Sweden. With an array of analog modular systems, percussion and drums, they set out to create what would become probably one of the most unique collections of percussive sound libraries in the history of Toontrack.

Addeboy vs. Cliff has collectively won several awards, produced, written and recorded with acts like Say Lou LouAdam Tensta and Roxette. Mattias is the founder of Toontrack and has a long history of audio engineering, mixing and sound design.




Dirt Snare
Jessie Snare
Albino Snare
Deep Snare
Hard Snare
Keys Snare
Yezus Snare
Softpants Snare
Gretsch Regular Snare
Gretsch Muted Snare
Gretsch Open Snare
Hybrid Snare
Dream-hop Snare
Scrapyard Snare
Sauna Snare
Anchorwood Snare
Stomp Snare
White Snare
Alpha Snare
Tight Snare
Louie Snare
Fullmoon Snare
The Morg Snare 1
The Morg Snare 2
Happy Snare
Garage Snare 1
Body Snare
Garage Snare 2
Bitcrush Snare
Rim Snare
Blige Snare
Neat Snare
Gretsch Felt Snare 1
Gretsch Felt Snare 2


Dirt Kick
Jessie Kick
Albino Kick
Deep Kick
Hard Kick
Keys Kick
Yezus Kick
Softpants Kick
Gretsch Regular Kick
Gretsch Muted Kick
Gretsch Open Kick
Hybrid Kick
Dream-hop Kick
Scrapyard Kick
Twig Kick
Softmoss Kick
Sauna Kick
Anchorwood Kick
Stomp Kick
White Kick
Bashing Kick
The Morg Kick
Happy Kick
Garage Kick 1
Body Kick
Garage Kick 2
Bitcrush Kick
Rim Kick
Blige Kick
Modular Kick 1
Modular Kick 2
Modular Kick 3
Modular Kick 4
Modular Kick 5
Modular Kick 6
Modular Kick 7
Modular Kick 8
Modular Kick 9
Modular Kick 10
Modular Kick 11

Tom 1
Electro Tom
Modular Tom
Hybrid Tom
Gretsch Open Tom
Box Tom
Gretsch Felt Tom
Reggae Tom
‘80s Tom

Tom 2

Electro Tom
Modular Tom
Hybrid Tom
Box Tom
Reggae Tom
‘80s Tom


Tom 3

Electro Tom
Modular Tom
Hybrid Tom
Gretsch Open Tom
Gretsch Dampened Tom
Box Tom
Reggae Tom
‘80s Tom


Tom 4

Electro Tom
Modular Tom
Hybrid Tom
Reggae Tom
‘80s Tom


Closed hats

The Morg
Breakbeat 1
Breakbeat 2
Breakbeat 3
Breakbeat 4
Breakbeat 5
Breakbeat 6
Breakbeat 7


Open hats

Breakbeat 1
Breakbeat 2
Breakbeat 3
Breakbeat 4

Crash 1
Mattias Crash 1
White Crash
Backbeat Crash
Twig Crash

Crash 2

Mattias Crash 2
White Crash
Mallet Crash
Branch Crash


Mallet Crash Wash


Mattias Ride



Plop Perc
Oar Perc
Nut Perc
Pipe Perc
Tube Perc
Sauna Perc 1
Sauna Perc 2
Sauna Perc 3
Sauna Perc 4
Sauna Perc 5
Drop Perc
Gravel Perc 1
Gravel Perc 2
Skidoo Seat Perc
Rod Perc
Table Perc 1
Table Perc 2
Table Perc 3
Dull Perc
Fir Perc
Twig Perc
Bridge Perc 1
Bridge Perc 2
Bridge Perc 3
Anchor Perc 1
Anchor Perc 2
Caps Perc
Hull Perc



Straight Clap
Slap Clap
Wood Clap
Crowd Clap
Flam Clap
Stone Clap
Twig Clap
Stomp Clap
Bread Clap
Ice Clap
Wharf Clap

Clean Snap
Dirt Snap
Gloss Snap
Button Snap
Cap Snap
Pick Snap
Wine Snap
Clarke Snap
Plastic Snap



Ice Shake
Ice Shake 2
Grass Shake
Grain Shake
Clip Shake
Kenya Shake
Gravel Shake
Snake Shake
Basmati Shake
Twig Shake



Mattias Crescendo 1
Mattias Crescendo 2
Modular Crescendo 1
Modular Crescendo 2
Modular Crescendo 3
Modular Crescendo 4



Woodpecker 1
Woodpecker 2



Table Tambourine



Dragon Whiff FX
Dragon Breath FX
Dragon Step FX 1
Big Drop FX
Stretch Drop FX
Dragon Step FX 2
Dragon Sneak FX
Dragon Fart FX
Deep Noise FX
Deep Noise Short FX
Broken Radio FX 1
Broken Radio FX 2
Broken Radio FX 3
Ice FX 1
Ice FX 2
Ice FX 3
Church Bell FX
Church Tom FX



Mute Guitar
Clean Pad
Detune Pad
Dreamy Pad
Drop Pad
Sigur Pad
Chromatic Kick


Filter Loops

Velocity Filer 1-1



1 GB of free hard disk space, 2 GB RAM.

A working EZdrummer 2.1.2 or a Superior Drummer 2.4.4 (or above) installation.