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Toontrack Metal Essentials EZmix Pack

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Metal Essentials EZmix Pack

The in-your-face-factor is essential in metal. Ask Jason Suecof - one of the essential producers on this side of the millennium and creative mind behind the sound of August Burns Red, Trivium, All That Remains and The Black Dahlia Murder. He'll tell you that, yes, it is essential indeed. So, we simply asked him to bag his most essential tricks for an EZmix Pack, one we'd like to call: Metal Essentials EZmix Pack.

The Metal Essentials EZmix Pack comes with exactly what its title implies: instant and essential presets for your metal productions! One click and you get Jason's take on how to beef up your guitars, drums, bass, vocals and overall master. Essentially easy.

Metal Essentials EZmix Pack - product details


Party Next Door!AnyInsert
Tape Land FunAnyInsert
Buck My FussAnyMaster
Buck My Fuss + EQAnyMaster
Muck My FasterAnyMaster
Rumble Begone!AnyMaster
Bass CompressorBassInsert
Bass DistortionBassInsert
Bass EQBassInsert
Ride EQCymbalsInsert
Drum Bus for AUX ChannelDrumsAux
Drum VerbDrumsAux
Drum Bus pre-Comp EQDrumsGroup Bus
Drum Bus + Transient Smacker!DrumsInsert
Drums over the PhoneDrumsInsert
Transient Drum BusDrumsInsert
Bright AcousticGuitar AcousticInsert
Clean Electric Chorus and DelayGuitar ElectricInsert
Delay VerbGuitar ElectricInsert
Gentle CleanGuitar ElectricInsert
Guitar Bus EQGuitar ElectricInsert
Guitar Solo DelayGuitar ElectricInsert
Guitar Solo DelayverbGuitar ElectricInsert
Lofi DelayGuitar ElectricInsert
Simple DelayGuitar ElectricInsert
Space EchoesGuitar ElectricInsert
Warble TronGuitar ElectricInsert
Brashy Hihat FixHi-HatInsert
Miniature PianoPianoInsert
Snare EQ 1SnareInsert
Snare EQ 2SnareInsert
Snare EQ 3SnareInsert
Snare EQ 4SnareInsert
Snare EQ 5SnareInsert
High Synth BoosterSynthInsert
Synth OrganicizerSynthInsert
Floor Tom EQTomInsert
Rack Tom 1 EQTomInsert
Rack Tom 2 EQTomInsert
Comp Clean VoxVocalsInsert
Crush My Vox NOWVocalsInsert
Death Metal Vox CompVocalsInsert
Death Metal Vox DirtyVocalsInsert
Dirty My VoxiesVocalsInsert
Lofi Vocal DelayVocalsInsert
Telephone Vocals SmashedVocalsInsert
Vocal Chorus DelayVocalsInsert
Vocal DoublerVocalsInsert