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Toontrack Metal Guitar Gods EZmix Pack

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Metal Guitar Gods EZmix Pack


Metal Guitar Gods is an expansion pack for EZmix 2, focusing solely on amp and cab simulation presets for guitar and bass. It comes with everything from rhythm, lead and clean sounds to settings for acoustic guitar and bass. All content was custom designed by four of the most iconic and trendsetting guitarists in metal: Fredrik Thordendal (Meshuggah), Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), Misha "Bulb" Mansoor (Periphery) and Devin Townsend (ex-Strapping Young Lad, The Devin Townsend Project).

We call this colossus of a product Metal Guitar Gods simply because these four gentlemen are nothing short of gods. Fredrik for being the father of "Djent" and for forever having changed metal as we know it by introducing eight-string guitars. Devin for continuously pushing the boundaries and the perception of what "metal" is. IA for gathering inspiration from all corners of the world, channeling it through his guitar and ending up with highly personal and inspiring renditions of our time. "Bulb" for riffs that go far and beyond what anyone thought was possible within the confines of a metal track!

Metal Guitar Gods EZmix Pack - product details


Devin - Clean BassBassAmplifier
Devin - Heavy BassBassAmplifier
Fredrik - Clean BassBassAmplifier
Fredrik - Koloss BassBassAmplifier
Fredrik - Koloss Bass HiBassAmplifier
Fredrik - Koloss Bass Hi - MixBassAmplifier
Fredrik - Koloss Bass LoBassAmplifier
Fredrik - Koloss Bass Lo - MixBassAmplifier
IA - Bass 1BassAmplifier
IA - Bass 2BassAmplifier
IA - Bass 3BassAmplifier
Devin - AcousticGuitar AcousticAmplifier
Devin - Break UpGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Devin - CleanGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Devin - CrunchGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Devin - Epic LeadGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Fredrik - CleanGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Fredrik - Clean TooGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Fredrik - Guitarline AboveGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Fredrik - Guitarline Above - MixGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Fredrik - Guitarline BelowGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Fredrik - Guitarline Below - MixGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Fredrik - Guitartrash LeftGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Fredrik - Guitartrash RightGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Fredrik - HalfGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Fredrik - Koloss Rhythm LR1Guitar ElectricAmplifier
Fredrik - Koloss Rhythm LR1 - MixGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Fredrik - Koloss Rhythm LR2Guitar ElectricAmplifier
Fredrik - Koloss Rhythm LR2 - MixGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Fredrik - LeadGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Fredrik - Lead - MixGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Fredrik - RhythmGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Fredrik - Rhythm - MixGuitar ElectricAmplifier
IA - Core Sound 1Guitar ElectricAmplifier
IA - Core Sound 2Guitar ElectricAmplifier
IA - Core Sound 3Guitar ElectricAmplifier
IA - Core Sound 4Guitar ElectricAmplifier
IA - Rock CoreGuitar ElectricAmplifier
IA - Solo 1Guitar ElectricAmplifier
IA - Solo 2Guitar ElectricAmplifier
IA - Solo 3Guitar ElectricAmplifier
IA - Solo 4Guitar ElectricAmplifier
Misha - Ampy LeadGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Misha - Crunchy RhythmGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Misha - Djenty Rhythm 5150Guitar ElectricAmplifier
Misha - Haunting CleanGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Misha - Heavy Gate RectoGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Misha - Holdsworthy CleanGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Misha - Holdsworthy LeadGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Misha - Insane Attack RhythmGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Misha - Messy Chorus LeadGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Misha - Post-Rock LeadGuitar ElectricAmplifier
Misha - Warm Vintage CleanGuitar ElectricAmplifier