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Toontrack Modern Pop/Rock EZmix Pack

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With EZmix, you get all the tools you need to take your audio mixes to the next level. Just open EZmix as a VST, AU or RTAS plugin on a track in your favorite DAW, scroll through the presets and find that perfect sound. Its really that EZ.

We here at Toontrack have teamed up once again with music producer Allen Morgan. Allens Modern Pop/Rock EZmix Pack contains meticulously created presets for drums, guitars, bass, keyboards and even vocals - all just a mouse click away inside the EZmix plugin.

Since Allen has worked with everyone form Nine Inch Nails, to Art Garfunkel, we asked him to design a set of presets that would offer you a wide variety of options when mixing your projects.

Artist and songs used in the demo player:
Collapse Of The State - Collapse Of The State on iTunes
Other Machines - Other Machines on iTunes
The Norwegian Fords - The Norwegian Fords on iTunes

Modern Pop/Rock EZmix Pack - product details


BitCrushed ReverbAnyAux
Chorused Hall ReverbAnyAux
Compressed ReverbAnyAux
Crushed Inversed ReverbAnyAux
Filtered ReverbAnyAux
Gated ReverbAnyAux
Crushed DelayAnyInsert
Inversed ReverbAnyInsert
Loop Delay 1AnyInsert
Loop Delay 2AnyInsert
Ripped ApartAnyInsert
Saturated ReverbAnyInsert
Slammed Delay 1AnyInsert
Slammed Delay 2AnyInsert
Sweepable DelayAnyInsert
Thick DelayAnyInsert
Master BusAnyMaster
Classic Bass GuitarBassInsert
Driven BassBassInsert
Nasty BassBassInsert
Thick and Roomy BassBassInsert
BitTen DrumsDrumsGroup Bus
Bigger DrumsDrumsInsert
Drum BusDrumsInsert
Drum DestroyerDrumsInsert
Drums Gated Crush ReverbDrumsInsert
Gated Crush ReverbDrumsInsert
Room CrusherDrumsInsert
Thick Guitar DelayGuitar ElectricInsert
Bassdrum FatKickInsert
Kick AttackKickInsert
Flangey DelaySFXInsert
Thick Chorused DelaySFXInsert
Fat SnareSnareInsert
Snare 1SnareInsert
Snare 2SnareInsert
Distorted SynthSynthInsert
Gated Synth DelaySynthInsert
Inverted Synth DelaySynthInsert
Prod SynthSynthInsert
Room Full O TomsTomInsert
Distorted Vox DelayVocalsInsert
Driven VoxVocalsInsert
Female Slap VoxVocalsInsert
Haunting VoxVocalsInsert
Pseudo Vox DoublerVocalsInsert
Vocal Break DelayVocalsInsert

SpecialsJul 1, 2020