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UJAM Instruments Virtual Drummer SOLID 2 Plugin

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Quick Overview

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UJAM Instruments Virtual Drummer SOLID 2

Gold-Plated Perfectionism For Your Top Notch Studio Drum Tracks

Virtual Drummer SOLID 2 is your personal gold-standard session drummer, the backline bandmate we all dream of having -– dependable, reliable and comfortable playing all popular styles and moods with ease. Build your tracks on the strongest foundations with Virtual Drummer SOLID 2 and fully realize and finish your rhythmical arrangements in record time.
The versatile sound and intuitive & accessible controls mean that SOLID is truly suited to any level of music production skill. Novices can get instant access to many popular musical styles and rhythmical phrases without a steep learning curve whilst more experienced musicians and producers will delight at being able to get such great sounding results so quickly.

It’s easy to quickly customize the sound of each of the five different drum kits by dialing in some extra punch with the slam control or by using one of our six tone-morphing character presets – here is where the sound of Virtual Drummer SOLID 2 can quickly change from being smooth and retro to being smashed to pieces!
Finalize and finetune your drum mix by individually adjusting the volume of each component of the kit including separate controls for overhead & room mics before adding a touch of reverb. Virtual Drummer SOLID 2 even lets you control the feel of the performance allowing for pushing or pulling of the beat and adjustment of a humanize control for added authenticity.


What’s New in Version 2?

Drag-and-drop phrases to DAW

Multiple Audio Outputs

Enhanced Mixer Section 

30 new styles and 150 presets


What’s in There?

A virtual gold-standard drummer that follows your direction
5 meticulously recorded kits
30 styles, 720 patterns (intro, verse, chorus, ending)
Full control over tempo, timbre and variations
Custom FX algorithms


Coming of Age

Add Custom Drums to Your Music Production 

With the latest update, the Virtual Drummer series comes of age and adds more tweaking and mixing depth while keeping its fail-proof spirit of simplicity the top priority. Even with an increased number of controls and much more detailed editing of kits, the one-page interface stays nice and clean and a joy to operate. Take a seat in the producer’s chair and create perfectly realistic professional drum performances in a snap, no matter whether you’re a seasoned pro or complete novice.


The Evolution of Virtual Drummer

UJAM founder and Virtual Instrument Mastermind Peter Gorges: “With the original Virtual Drummer 1, released 18 months ago, our intention was to go against conventional wisdom and reduce the complexity of the interface to the absolute minimum. While we were very delighted about how most customers appreciated the ease, some were missing tweaking options. This update is our commitment to listening to our users, while staying committed to uncompromised instant gratification and ease of use. 
My favorite addition though are the extremely musical new styles, played by great pro drummers, which really shows in terms of realism and production value.”


Kick-Ass Drum Tracks

UJAM Instruments specialize in making ‘frustration-free’ software that solves problems for all music production skill levels with the Virtual Drummer series being no exception. Professionals will appreciate and benefit from the time saved in getting the high-quality results they demand whilst beginners now have easy access to their own personal studio drumming companion that always sounds great and is always on time!


Custom Playing Style

Each Virtual Drummer comes with five extensively sampled drum kits, ready-made smart-mix presets, and a wide range of styles and performances that can be tweaked to perfectly match your desired feel and groove. Within the series, each individual Virtual Drummer embodies a unique custom playing style sound and personality.


Always on Time

SOLID is your all-around reliable session pro suitable for most popular styles, HEAVY delivers hard and straight rock beats while PHAT gives you urban and funky grooves.

All Virtual Drummer plug-ins are available as a direct download in VST, AU, and AAX formats and work in any compatible DAW, including Logic, Garageband, Cubase, Ableton Live and Pro Tools. Try a free 30-day demo of a Virtual Drummer plug-in today and enjoy creating drum tracks faster, easier and better than ever before!


Everybody Comes to Hollywood

Virtual Drummer SOLID 2 is your seasoned pro for sophisticated, grand productions. For all popular genres and moods, SOLID provides those untouchable gold-standard drumming styles and sounds that open record label executives’ doors, hearts, and wallets.


Gold-Plated Perfectionism

The key to SOLID’s benchmark drum sound is in the meticulous way it was recorded. The creation of all 720 patterns started with the highest quality ingredients, right at the source, with a fantastic drummer, in prime acoustical space sitting in front of a collection of ‘desert island’ drum hardware. Only then were we happy to hit record, capturing each hit and phrase with a combination of premium microphones and recording chains to ensure the end results were of the highest caliber.



Operating SystemsWindows 7 or later, Mac OS X 10.9 or later
You may run it on earlier versions but we don’t support them
Plugin FormatsVST 2, AU 2, and AAX
AU 2 version only compatible with Logic 10 and newer.
On Reason? A-List Classic Drummer is VD-SOLID2’s “Brother in Rack Extension”.
Minimum Requirements4 GB of RAM, 0.5 GB of Disk Space
1280x768 px Display, Internet Connection
Delivery FormatDownloadable Installer File
AuthorizationEnter e-mail and password within the plug-in
Supported StandardsMIDI


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