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UVI Electro Suite

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UVI Electro Suite | Logo


The Next Generation of Production Tools for Electro, EDM and Dance Producers

Being more than fans of electro, we harnessed the storm and set out to develop a unique collection of powerful instruments, combined with a massive sound library specifically suited to dance.

Simple to use yet rich with sound design potential, Electro Suite includes an advanced drum designer, two synths (a bass/mono synth and a lead/poly), a sweep machine and a looper to help get the flow started.

The instruments of UVI Electro Suite come packed with nearly 4.5 GB of sample material carefully recorded from over 2 decades of choice equipment at 24 bit / 96 kHz and then professionally mastered. Giving you a huge palette of sounds ready to go straight away.

Whether you're looking for solid preset kits to lay down or versatile sound design tools built to advance your style, Electro Suite is a powerful addition to your arsenal.

UVI Electro Suite | Overview


Five Massive Weapons

UVI Electro Suite | UES DrumShaper

UVI Electro Suite | UES DrumShaper logo

A unique and robust drum designer, DrumShaper gives you absolute control over the core percussion sounds of dance; bass drum, snare, claps and hi-hats. Start with a wide range of samples and refine and shape them with advanced analog modeled filters and controls (an entire page for each sound) intuitively arranged to provide maximum efficiency and flexibility.


UVI Electro Suite | UES DirtyMONO

UVI Electro Suite | UES DirtyMono logo

The rubber hits the road with this wild and gritty monophonic synth. 4 sound generators including VCO1, dedicated to pure analog rendered wavetables, VCO2, a digital multi-sampled oscillator, an analog modeled sub oscillator, and an analog sampled noise oscillator. Each generator can be mixed and routed to an enormous sounding low pass filter. Other features include analog modeled LFOs, envelopes, FX and a fantastic phrase sequencer.


UVI Electro Suite | UES CarminePoly

UVI Electro Suite | UES CarminePoly logo

A polyphonic synth with attitude, CarminePoly features two hybrid VCOs with both stereo, unison and raw waveforms using a deep sampling process for CPU efficiency. These VOCs can be mixed, panned, transposed and routed through a fully tweakable analog modeled filter. Finally, 4 FX are available to shape the sound further; Drive - for harmonics and grit, Delay and Phaser, and the all new Sparkle reverb from UVI.


UVI Electro Suite | UES SweepMachine

UVI Electro Suite | UES SweepMachine logo

The first and only instrument specifically designed for creating noise sweeps. Extremely easy to use yet endlessly tweakable, grab one of the existing presets or design your own.


UVI Electro Suite | UES MissionControl

UVI Electro Suite | UES MissionControl logo

Choose from a huge list of presets and get the track started with this amazing sounding looper. Independent control of 6 sections allows complete control of mix volume, filtering and pan.


Size : 4.44 GB library
Collection : Powerful production tools for electro, edm and dance producers. The David Guetta's pocket knife.
Content : 5 instruments, 246 presets, 671 loops, 5 553 samples
Sample Resolution : 44.1 kHz. Recording at 96 kHz