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Vienna Symphonic Library Dimension Brass I

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Quick Overview

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Ensemble sound with unprecedented control over each individual instrument.

4 Brass Ensembles – 16 Instruments:

Trumpet Ensemble (4 Trumpets in Bb) 
Horn Ensemble (4 French Horns)
Trombone Ensemble (4 Trombones)
Low Brass Ensemble (1 Tuba, 1 Bass Trombone, 2 Trombones)


Explore New Dimensions in Brass Performances! Vienna Dimension Brass gives an entirely new meaning to the term multi-samples! These instruments have been recorded in a very unique way at Vienna’s famed Silent Stage. While every note was played by a well-rehearsed ensemble of four brass players, each instrument was recorded separately, which allows you to access each voice individually. Still, they sound like an ensemble and not like four soloists, whether playing in unison, divisi, or even in four-part harmonies.

You can run Vienna Dimension Brass with the free Vienna Instruments player that is included in the box. To make the most of these unique multi-dimensional samples, we recommend using Vienna’s new sample player, Vienna Instruments PRO. Its tailor-made Humanize Presets let you easily control the performance accuracy of your virtual musicians at the single touch of a fader. With Vienna Dimension Brass, creating lively music with stunning authenticity is literally a breeze!

Multi-Dimensional Vienna Instruments

All instruments in these ensembles were recorded with separate microphones using a technique that preserves the ensemble sound when played together.

Freely adjustable ensemble sizes

Whether you’re writing for four solo instruments, or for groups of 2, 3, or 4 musicians playing in unison – Vienna Dimension Brassgives you individual options for each instrument while maintaining a homogeneous sound.


Change the position, sound characteristics, volume, and performance accuracy of each virtual musician individually.

Human Performance Control

When used with Vienna Instruments PRO, individual instruments of each section can be Humanized separately and in real-time, from subtle tuning and timing variations to heavy cluster effects.


Vienna Instruments PRO can automatically split voices between players. Play one note, and you’ll hear four players in unison. Two notes will divide the ensemble in sections of two players, and so on.

Main Features:

Single notes: Staccato, portato, sustains, blared sustains, crescendo/diminuendo in various lengths (1.5 - 4 sec), fortepiano, sforzato, sforzatissimo
Fast repetitions from 140 - 200 bpm
Flutter tongue
Repetition Performances: Legato, portato, staccato
Legato Performances
Trill Performances
4 velocity layers for almost all articulations (including Legato and Trill Performances)

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