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Wampler Pedals Plexi-Drive Overdrive

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Wampler Pedals Plexi Drive Overdrive Standard

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Quick Overview

A couple of years ago Brian wanted a "JTM45®"....BAD! At the time his band mate had a nice "JTM45®" that was 'handed' down to him, and... well... he was jealous! 

Brian, being the electronics tinkerer that he his set off to design a pedal that would get him those tones out of any run of the mill ( amp and satisfy his lustings for the "Marshall®" Wonder of Beauty. After many long nights of breadboarding, tweaking, and tweaking some more, He finally came up with it: The Pedal that absolutely nails that "JTM45®" tone like none other.

He designed it to sound sort of like a cross between a "Marshall 18®" and a "JTM45®", and those who have purchased the Plexi-Drive agree that it's very accurate! The bass boost toggle switch adds fat, full bottom end which is very useful in lower gain or lower volume (bedroom practicing) applications. For band volumes, cutting the bass out a bit really helps the tone cut through perfectly.