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Wave Arts Tube Saturator 2

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Quick Overview

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Tube Saturator 2 is a super accurate circuit simulation of a tube preamp with analog EQ, which can be overdriven gently for warming effects or cranked for fat distortion. Like the original TS-1, TS-2 is based on circuit simulation technology to capture every nuance of an analog circuit. The circuit, consisting of the individual tubes, resistors, and capacitors, is converted into a mathematical system of equations and then numerically solved to produce the exact same sound as a real circuit. The Saturation section of TS-2 runs about 7x faster than TS-1 and yet the modeling is even more accurate. TS-2 also includes the original circuit simulation of the three band Baxandall type EQ as found in many guitar amplifiers.

In addition to this breakthrough improvement in speed, TS-2 has many new features. You can switch between 12AX7 and 12AU7 tubes for different harmonic characteristics. The EQ can be switched to run pre or post saturation. Saturation and EQ are separately switchable. Also there is a 2x oversampling mode using a very high quality resampler algorithm. Use 2x mode to attenuate aliased distortion harmonics. Also new is a mix control to blend the processed sound with the original. And finally, TS-2 has a gorgeous new interface.


Tired of square wave clipping distortion?

Tube Saturator 2 gives you the sweet, smooth, harmonic distortion that tubes are so famous for.


Note that TS-2 uses PACE for license management. An iLok2 can be used but is not required, TS-2 allows machine authorication. iLok1 is not supported.


Tech Specs

Accurate tube preamp simulator using circuit simulation technology
Two common cathode preamp stages
12AX7 and 12AU7 tube models
Drive control for distortion adjustment
Baxandall 3-band analog EQ
Saturation and EQ bypass switches
High quality 2X oversampling mode
Wet/dry mix control
Analog style metering
No latency
Up to 192 kHz sampling rate
Mono or stereo



Requires a Pace/iLok account for licensing, supports iLok2 or machine authorization.

Requires a host program that supports audio plug-ins.


Macintosh – AU, VST, AAX

OS X 10.6.8/10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10
AAX – Pro Tools 10.3.5 and higher


Windows – VST, AAX

Windows XP/Vista/7/8
AAX – Pro Tools 10.3.5 and higher
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