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Tracktion f.'em FM Synthesizer Plugin

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Quick Overview

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Tracktion f.'em FM Synthesizer

11-Operator FM Synthesizer

F.’em is not just one of the most powerful FM synths ever made. It’s also one of the most versatile.



F.’em takes advantage of modern CPU resources to process its freely configurable 11 operator matrix. It’s a hybrid quad-timbral synthesizer that can function as an FM, VA and Sample based instrument, with the added bonus of a dual multimode filter, a complex effect section and an incredibly flexible modulation matrix.



Flow LFO

Say goodbye to classic, boring LFOs. F.’em includes two 8 step flow LFOs allowing 8 different waveforms to be selected and switch-modulated by any source. What’s more, each waveform can be freely drawn, unleashing a sound designers dream.



32 Stage Tempo Synch Envelopes

An envelope is envelope, right? Not in F.’em! All envelopes include up to 32 stages that can be tempo synched. A real must have for musicians looking for tools to create intricate rhythmic configurations. F.’em envelopes: when complexity became beauty.



Operator Matrix

F.’em is not just one of the most powerful FM synths ever made, it’s also one of the most versatile. Packing in 8 synchronizable wave, 2 sample and a noise operator allows for the most savage bass and ripping lead sounds associated with synths like the mighty Access Virus. Thanks to a freely-configurable oscillator matrix, F.’em can produce FM sounds virtually indistinguishable from legendary instruments like the Yamaha TX81Z, the Yamaha DX7 and the lavish, 8-operator Yamaha GS1. A 200 pound synth so luxurious that only 16 units were sold.



Modulation & Modifier Matrix

F.’em’s superpower lies within its outrageously deep modulation matrix. This creates endless possibilities allowing the user to create absolutely unique FM sounds. And if you want a change of pace and are looking for something besides pure FM synthesis, no matter how powerful? Look no further.



Layers, Macros, Awesome Effects, Powerful App

Not interested in diving into the multitude of available parameters? Don’t worry. F.’em is immediately enjoyable and easy to use. The macros let you control all fundamental parameters. The rich multi-effect section is easily accessible and tweakable. All layers can be activated and deactivated in a snap and the arpeggiator is an endless-joy-giver.


Full Specs

4 Layers, each with 4 effect slots.
No fix algorithms, feed any wave operator into any other wave operator forward and backward.
Wave operators feature hard sync like in analog synthesizers and offer different waveforms from sine wave over analog waves to the waves found in some classic FM synthesizers.
Two multisample operators. One can frequency-modulate any of the other operators, the other multisample operator can be frequency-modulated by any of the other operators.
Noise operator that can frequency-modulate any other operator.
2 filters with overdrive stage, freely routable in series, parallel or anything in-between.
Each operator has its own pitch and level LFO and its own pitch and level envelope.
2 Flow LFOs with freely editable LFO shapes.
Tempo-synced, loopable envelopes with up to 32 stages.
Keyboard level scaling of each operator.
Modulation matrix with up to 200 entries.
Modifier matrix with up to 32 modification algorithms.
Quick edit panel for quick and easy adjustment of timbre and overall envelope.
Automation of most continuous parameters.


System Requirements


Requires a DAW host software to run and 1.5 GB available disk space.


macOS 10.11 or Later
64-bit Intel or Apple Silicon


Windows 8, 10, 11


Tested on Ubuntu 18.04